These Madalorian Characters Are Favored by Vegas to Appear in Season 3

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The Mandalorian Season 3 will be available on Netflix at midnight March 1, 2023, and some viewers will be looking to cash their Boba Fett betting tickets.

sportsbettingag50.png has created a few prop bets for the season premiere and the full season, which you can find below.

The characters with a minus (-) in front of their names means they are favored to be seen during Season 3. The higher the number, the higher likelihood they'll make an appearance.

The characters with a plus (+) in front of their names means they are "underdogs" to be shown during Season 3. The higher the number, the higher the odds are that they'll make an appearance.

How many times will Mando be unmasked during Season 3?

Over/Under      2.5 times


Will Baby Yoda (Grogu) use the dark saber during Season 3?                

No                    -250

Yes                   +170


Who will make an appearance in Season 3?                 

Cara Dune                    -5000

Chewbacca                   -600

Boba Fett                      -400

Luke Skywalker             -300

Darth Maul                   -200

Lando Calrissian                        -140

Cal Kestis                      -125

Cad Bane                      +100

Ezra Bridger                  +100

Princess Leia                 +100

Fennec Shand               +125

Mace Windu                 +250

Han Solo                       +275

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