Miss District of Columbia Still Would Pay $50,000

Written by:
Jordan Bach
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Miss District of Columbia

Odds released on Miss District of Columbia, MacKenzie Green, made her the biggest long shot ever at Sportsbook.com with a payout potential of $50,000 for every $10 bet.

Dave Stanley, spokesperson for Sportsbook.com, revealed to Gambling911.com late Wednesday that odds on Miss District of Columbia (Miss Washington, DC) had not yet changed despite the nominal risk vs. reward ratio.  The payout would still be $50,000 for every $10 bet.

One only needs to look back two years at the Miss Universe Pageant to realize the potential payouts associated with huge dogs (forgive the pun).  In 2008, Miss Japan took home the crowd as one of the biggest long shot bets of all time:  60/1 odds.  Last year's winner, Miss Venezuela, was also considered a long shot.  For MacKenzie Green backers, it will be like hitting the lottery should she actually go on to win.

On Green's Twitter page, Green writes:

"I'm Miss DC USA 2010, a vegan, an aspiring sports reporter and a lot more...stay tuned for what's to come."

Jordan Bach, Gambling911.com


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