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C Costigan
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Miss Universe 2009 payout odds start at $500 for those looking to place a $100 bet.  The average Miss Universe and similar entertainment wager, however, is around $10.

Bet on Miss Australia, the favorite to win, and the reward would be $50 on a $10 bet at BetUS.com

Miss Mexico pays out $80 for every $10 bet, $160 on a $20 bet

"Australia and Mexico are the only Miss Universe 2009 representatives in the single digits," points out Payton O'Brien of Gambling911.com.  Three others are tied for 10/1 or +1000 odds - Miss Dominican Republic, Miss Czech Republic and Miss Ireland.  "Miss USA's odds remain steady at +1400 for a $140 payout on a $10 bet or $1400 on a $100 bet."

Miss Netherlands also had +1400 odds while perennial favorite Miss Puerto Rico would pay $150 on a $10 bet.

The online bookies, many of whom reside in the Central American nation of Costa Rica, are more excited about this year's Miss Universe than any recent pageants.  That's because Miss Costa Rica comes in with short odds as one of the top 10 favorites, promising a payout of $150 for every $10 bet.

Many a Miss Universe bettor will recall how Miss Japan won two years ago as a huge long shot, paying some lucky gamblers thousands of dollars.

"People will bet their nationalities," says O'Brien.  "So you will always have a little money on each of the Miss Universe contestants."

One long shot likely to get a decent amount of betting action would be Miss Venezuela 2009.  Typically Miss Venezuela is instilled among the top favorites year after year.  In 2009 she's listed with very long 40/1 (+4000) odds, with a payout potential of $400 on every $100 bet.

The best payout potentials are on Miss Ghana, Miss Turkey, Miss Zambia, Miss Turks & Caicos, Miss Nigeria, Miss Israel and Miss Guyana.  Each would pay out $1500 on a $10 bet.  Miss Bahamas, where the show will air, pays $1250 on a $10 bet.

Christopher Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher 

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