Miss Washington DC The Biggest Long Shot Ever

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Carrie Stroup
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Miss Washington DC Miss USA

Oddsmakers at Sportsbook.com have published their odds on who will win this year's Miss USA beauty pageant.  One poor girl will always have the longest odds and that honor goes to Miss Washington DC (Miss District of Columbia).

But Miss District of Columbia is making history in another way.  She has been instilled as the biggest long shot in the history of beauty pageants at 5000-1.  The payout: $50,000 for every $10 bet!

I'd be remiss in pointing out that these odds are published by a bunch of overweight middle aged men who can only dream of having a beauty like MacKenzie Green wrapped around their arms. 

On her Twitter page, Green writes:

"I'm Miss DC USA 2010, a vegan, an aspiring sports reporter and a lot more...stay tuned for what's to come."

So who is the favorite to win this year's Miss USA pageant?

That would be Miss California - Michelle Johnson - who herself comes in with relatively long odds for a favorite at 8/1 or +800 for a potential to pay out $80 on every $10 bet.  Miss Nebraska had the next shortest odds at +1000.

Carrie Stroup, Gambling911.com Senior Reporter 

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