Odds on P Diddy Going to Jail in Wake of Shock Viral Video of Attack on Girlfriend

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The odds of recording artist and producer P. Diddy spending a minimum of one night in jail prior to the end of 2024 now stood at a 60% chance or -150, 4/6 odds, with those odds likely to be slashed further after a new viral video surfaced that seems to show Diddy attacking his girlfriend in their Los Angeles apartment building.

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Diddy Do It?

The rapper has denied previous allegations of abuse and settled a suit with Cassandra "Cassie" Ventura the day after she accused him of years of physical and sexual abuse.

CNN reported that the video was from an incident in March 2016. It captures multiple angles.  The 37-year-old Cassie alleged in a federal lawsuit in November that Combs raped and physically abused her, including punching, beating, kicking and stomping her over the course of their relationship. The lawsuit was settled the day after it was filed.

Since Cassie’s lawsuit, Combs has been accused in a series of lawsuits from others of sexual and physical abuse, gang rape and “serious illegal activity.”

BetUS has pulled its P. Diddy betting market for the moment.

Prize market Manifold did have the current jail odds up.

How to Read the Odds

The first number that appears is the rotation and, to be honest, can mostly go ignored.

The number beside the betting option is listed with either a minus sign (-) or a plus sign (+). 

The minus sign indicates that a greater risk will be required for less of an award.  For example, -200 means that a $20 bet pays $10.  You will have your $20 refunded just as long as it is a winner.  Your profit is $10.  The minus sign indicates that this is the favorite and, in theory at least, the most likely winning result.

The plus (+) sign indicates a higher reward vs. the risk.  When you see +550, this means you can bet $10 to win $55.

Most entertainment bets (not all) have maximums of $100 to $500.  The +550 selection can be bet at $100 to win $550.
The higher the odds, the less likely a bet is going to win, however, the payout will be much greater if it does (and it often does).


Justin Bieber Baby's Name Jeremy +500 means that a $10 bet would pay out $50.

Odds on Justin Bieber Unfollowing P Diddy

Polymarket currently had odds on Justin Bieber unfollowing Diddy on Instagram.

These odds come after creepy footage of Diddy with a much younger Bieber began resurfacing in recent weeks.

If you're looking for more positive Justin Bieber betting odds, BetUS has those too (below). 

Rot     Justin Bieber - Baby's Name     MoneyLine
1001     Jeremy         +500
1002     Mallette         +600
1003     Pattie         +600
1004     Grace         +500
1005     Kennya         +800
1006     Orlando         +1000
1007     Stephen         +600
1008     Bean         +1500
1009     Hailey         +1000
1010     Justin         +1200
1011     Bubba         +1500
1012     Victor         +1500
1013     Justina         +2000
1014     Allison         +1500
1015     Ryan         +1500
1016     Carl         +3000
1017     Dylan         +2500
1018     Hunt         +5000
1019     Scooter         +5000
1020     Kanye         +5000
1021     West         +10000
1022     JB         +10000
1023     Jesus         +6500
1024     Sharon         +10000
1025     Miranda         +10000
1026     Selena         +15000
1027     Taylor         +10000
1028     Seth         +10000
1029     Donald         +15000
1030     Drake         +15000
1031     Kendrick         +15000
1032     Marg         +15000

Rot     Justin Bieber - Sex Of The Baby     MoneyLine
1041     Girl         -125
1042     Boy         -115

Rot     Justin Bieber - First Initials Of First Baby Name     MoneyLine
1051     A-H         +160
1052     I-P         +190
1053     Q-Z         +180

Justin Bieber Fri, May 31, 2024 EST
Rot     When Will Justin Bieber Announce A Tour?     MoneyLine
20102     May 2024         +6000
20103     June 2024         +1600
20104     July 2024         +700
20105     August 2024         +900
20106     September 2024         +700
20107     October 2024         +400
20108     November 2024         +2000
20109     December 2024 or Later/Never         -175

All odds courtesy of BetUS


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