Will Britney Spears Perform on MTV Video Music Awards? Bet On It

Written by:
Jordan Bach
Published on:
Britney Spears

There is one thing that can always be guaranteed to make the MTV Video Music Awards show one to remember - a Britney Spears performance.

Whether it is Britney prancing around with a snake nearly naked, kissing Madonna on the mouth or looking like a bloated zombie trying to lip sync (a la last year's show), she'll always be the talk around the water cooler next day.

"Britney is the ultimate train wreck," says Gambling911.com Senior Editor, Payton O'Brien. "She's also been one of the most bet on celebrities in recent years."

With that tradition in mind, the folks at BodogLife.com have placed odds on Britney Spears to perform at the show.

Britney performing would pay near even odds - $10 for every $11 bet (you get your original $11 back if she does perform).

She does appear in a recently taped promo for the upcoming show.

This year marks the 25th annual VMAs and it will be taking place in Hollywood at the Paramont Studios. London's own comedian/actor Russell Brand will be hosting the show September 7 at 9 pm EST.

BodogLife.com has, for the past few years, been one of the few online gambling sites to offer individual odds on the MTV Video Music Awards.

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