Epstein List Gambling Shatters Every Record in the Book

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Jordan Bach
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Imagine having an event with a gambling demand several times greater than that of the top NFL game of the weekend but not being able to place a bet anywhere.


Such is the case with the lead up to the release of the infamous Epstein list.  A judge ordered the release of people named in court documents related to Jeffrey Epstein, the late convicted sex trafficker.  That day finally came on Wednesday (January 3) though more documents are set to be released and other names soon may surface.

BetOnline offered gambling on the Epstein list for a few days before removing odds.  By then, their odds had already gone viral.  A number of reasons likely factored into the decision to remove these odds with insider knowledge probably at the top of that particular list of rationales.  Widely anticipated names (and initial favorites) like former US President Bill Clinton, attorney Alan Dershowitz and Prince Andrew's names do appear in court documents associated with the matter.  The judge in this matter even said that most of the names were public.

The perception that those appearing among the odds could somehow be misconstrued as a likelihood of an individual being named or somehow associated with Epstein also may have come into play.  BetOnline had some listed at 100-1 or greater odds, meaning you'd stand a better chance of being struck by lightning than that particular person's name appearing.  On Tuesday, late night host Jimmy Kimmel threatened to sue NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers for suggesting his name would appear on the list.

In the end, BetOnline's decision likely came as a result of the pure nature of Epstein's crimes as the long established betting company tends to stay clear of crime-related topics including betting on court trials.  In fact, they offered their first trial odds in years with the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard defamation suit in 2022.  BetOnline even removed its innocuous odds on whether a sitting congressperson's name would appear on the list.  The YES opened with long odds but was bet to favorite status in a matter of hours.

As reported by the Associated Press, the individuals named on the Epstein List will include sex abuse victims and people with only a passing connection to the scandal, as well as Epstein’s employees and litigation witnesses. Most of the names were already public.

The option, however, was so popular that many on Twitter said they would open an account with BetOnline just to place bets on the list.

By late Wednesday, the Epstein list had become the most trafficked non-sporting event wagering opportunity in the near 25 year history of Gambling911.com, and ironically one few could actually bet on in the end.

Interest in the list shouldn't come as any shock to those who follow Twitter.  The Epstein list has been the top trending subject for days now.

- Jordan Bach, Gambling911.com

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