2023 CFP Championship Odds Shift Following Ohio State Loss to Michigan

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Don Shapiro
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Ohio State losing to Michigan on November 26 caused the Wolverines 2023 CFP Championship odds to move into the second place spot just behind undefeated Georgia.

The Wolverines would pay out $300 on a $100 bet should they win the title if odds were to be locked in at this price.

Ohio State suffered a mauling at the claws of Michigan yesterday, and the 45-23 loss pushed the Buckeyes out of the Top 4 in terms of CFP Championship chances for the first time all year.


In some ways the win for Michigan was historic.  They hadn't won in Columbus in 22 years.

OSU head coach Ryan Day mostly blamed the Buckeyes defense for the ultimate collapse.

"I’m going to have to look and see where all the breakdowns were," he said of the defense.  "But it wasn’t just one area, it was a missed tackle on the first play and then we got beat on the second play. There was obviously some misfits in the run game on other plays and then there was the pass to the tight ends. A few plays in the back end and then a couple on the run. The first thing we need to do in games like this is play great defense. Other than two plays in the first half, I thought we did, but not in the second half."

Michigan's rushing attack, led by backup running back Donovan Edwards, excelled during the second half.

"One good thing about the running game is it can wear on you. That's why it usually gets better as the game goes on," Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh said.

Michigan was the dog Saturday with a line of +7.5 to +8 that Gambling911.com determined was on the money.  The dog had gone 3-6 with an accurate line in this number range in games monitored so far this season.

Georgia remains in the top position though they played a much weaker opponent Saturday, Georgia Tech.

TCU was now tied for the third shortest odds with USC to win the CFP Championship in 2023.  The payout would be $1200 on a $100 bet.

The Horned Frogs remain undefeated at 12-0 after a solid performance versus Iowa State. 

As Dave Wilson of ESPN noted, the Horned Frogs' 62 points came against an Iowa State team that was eighth nationally in scoring defense, allowing 16.5 points per game, and had only allowed a single opponent this season to score more than 30 points (Baylor).  The Cyclones only scored three points in this game.

"I know the history with TCU and Iowa State and big victories," Horned Frogs head coach Sonny Dykes said after the game. "It didn't work out particularly well in 2014. I know that. I think it's different. I think college football is different. I think the committee is different, I think the Big 12 is viewed differently than it was then."

The USC Trojans also promise a $1200 payout with a $100 bet should they win the title.  USC enters the month of December with a single loss.

The College Football Power Rankings released by ESPN Sunday had TCU No. 3 and USC at No. 4.

QB Caleb Williams propelled the Trojans pased Notre Dame Saturday with a 38-27 win.   Williams passed for 232 yards and four total touchdowns.

The Trojans CFP hopes were also helped along by LSU’s loss to Texas A&M while USC was still on the field.

"I think we’re as good as any team, and I’m not just talking about today,” Williams said. “We thought we were a great team, and we got to show it tonight.”

CFP Championship

Georgia                        -165

Michigan                      +300

TCU                              +1200

USC                              +1200

Ohio State                    +1400

Alabama                       +2800


Heisman Trophy                      

Caleb Williams              -3000

CJ Stroud                      +2500

Max Duggan                 +2500

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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