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You heard of fantasy sports, how about a fantasy poker league?


How It Works

Draft Your Team: Start by assembling your fantasy poker team for the tournament events in the hottest summer series in Vegas.

Earn Points: Your team earns points based on how well each member performs in the events. The better they do, the more points you collect. Teams with the most points win and earn cash prizes.

Check the Leaderboard: Our leaderboard provides daily updates that allow you to monitor your team’s progress and see how you stack up against the competition.

Win Big: The higher your team climbs on the leaderboard, the better your chances of placing in the money and winning substantial prizes.

Team Registration: Wednesday, May 15th – Tuesday, May 28th
Event Duration: Wednesday, May 29th – Friday, July 19th (approx.)

Your team earns points based on the finish position of your selected players (pros) in each event. Points are awarded when your selected players (pros) finish in the top-100 of any sanctioned event, provided they are ITM.

Points are broken down as follows
Finish Position | Points Earned

    1st | 50 Points
    2nd | 45 Points
    3rd | 40 Points
    4th | 35 Points
    5th | 30 Points
    6th | 25 Points
    7th | 20 Points
    8th | 15 Points
    9th | 10 Points
    10th to 18th | 5 Points
    ITM - 19th to 100th | 1 Points

Note: Some tournaments earn more based on buy-in & field size

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