Should I Bet on the Cincinnati Bearcats This Week in College Football

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Don Shapiro
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The Cincinnati Bearcats may not be as good as last year's team, they've still been formidable with just two losses on the season thus far.  Nonetheless, the Bearcats are just 2-7 Against The Spread. 

Considerations Before Betting vs. ECU

Assuming the Bearcats go on to win against East Carolina as a -5.5 home favorite, their ATS record will need to be more in sync with their overall record Straight Up

The line has generally trended -6.5 to -5.5

Sagarin this week has Cincinnati rated in the 38 spot with a number of 76.96 and home field advantage of 2.09.  East Carolina has a number of 72.64.  The line opened on the money and, not surprisingly, we have a 1-point underlay currently.

We've monitored just four games this season that have moved above and below the number 6, three have seen the dog cover while a lone favorite did so in the remaining game.  The favorite covering did have an accurate line and won by eight points with a -6.5 line. 

These four analyzed games have seen lines that moved up (5.5 to 6.5), as opposed to the line trending down in this one.

The Bearcats have won three of the last four games in this series over the last four years, three by more than the current spread.

We'll be on the Bearcats -5.5 in this one


Cincinnati Bearcats 2022 Season

Three Bearcats college football games were analyzed by Gambling911.com this season.  All three reviewed had overlays.

In Week 1, Cincinnati was coming in as a +6.5 to +7 versus Arkansas.  The home favorite Arkansas just barely covered the spread with a 7 point win, a push for some gamblers.  The wrong team at that time appeared to be favored and we had ourselves a 7-point overlay.

October 1 @ Tulsa - Because this game moved from Bearcats -9.5 to -10.5 and Cincinnati did win by 10, we had another solid middling opportunity for those that managed to bet on both sides at either of these numbers.  Just like the Week 1 game, we also had folks pushing.  There was yet another overlay, this time 2 to 3 points, and this time the Bearcats were an inflated favorite. 

October 22 @ SMU - The Bearcats did win this game but only by two points as a -3.5 road favorite, thus another failed cover.  We had an overlay of around 2 points on this one.  Overlays with 3 as the base had seen the favorites go 9-26 up to this point.

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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