Amazing Race to Feature Maria Ho, Tiffany Michelle

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Ace King
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Maria Ho Amazing Race

Bluff Magazine is reporting that poker players Tiffany Michelle and Maria Ho will be appearing on the next installment of The Amazing Race, which airs on CBS beginning September 27.

"Sources close to CBS have confirmed that the upcoming season of The Amazing Race will include two professional female poker players playing as a team but would not confirm the identities of those players.

"A forum poster at may have done that already having recently snapped photos of contestants as the race began and one of those photos clearly showed Maria Ho. Her partner on the race is rumored to be Tiffany Michelle whose recent decision to preclude herself from the World Series of Poker Main Event however put her at the top of the list of the suspects."

On her blog just before the start of the Main Event Michelle wrote "It'd have to be something pretty big to deter me from the WSOP Championship Event this year and trust me, IT IS!  I can't disclose much right now but I'll be leaving to film a project for a month and it conflicts with the Main Event. ...  This project and my part are very huge and it's an opportunity is just too good to pass up.  At the end of the day, acting and performing have always been my passion, in fact it's how I fell into poker to begin with and I never want to lose sight of that part of my life and career.

"Couple days into filming & I'm having a blast, lovin' the cast & crew but remembering how long filming days can be. Love being back on set!"

Bluff reports that Evelyn Ng was originally preparing for a spot on the show until learning she was not eligible as a Canadian.

Annie Duke, spokesperson for Poker became a household name beyond poker circles after her appearance on this past season of Celebrity Apprentice.  Her season-long feud with comedian Joan Rivers was among the most memorable episodes in reality television history. 

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