Bitcoin and the Gambling Industry: FAQs

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Aaron Goldstein
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Cryptocurrencies have impacted almost every aspect of our daily lives. There are signs of crypto use everywhere, from ordering food at a cafe to paying for entry to the cinema. Invest in popular crypto like Bitcoin and secure a crypto VISA card. You can then save Bitcoin or use some of your collection to buy everyday things, including food shopping. 

How we shop has changed forever, and how we pay for our purchases is close behind. It was, therefore, no surprise when the leading names in the online gambling industry announced they now accept Bitcoin. No one was surprised, but everyone was excited. We always knew it was only a matter of time before you could bet with Bitcoin at any licensed and regulated bookie. 

From your local casino to the best apps featured on offshore sportsbook reviews, they're all accepting crypto. Wager on all your favorites, including NFL, NBA, English Premier League, horse racing, and boxing. If it's your lucky day or just a sports know-it-all, any winnings you make from sports betting will be returned to you in crypto. That makes it a great way to help boost your investments. 

Your questions answered 

When using crypto to place bets using your desktop computer or sportsbook, there are a few things to be aware of and to remember. There are still a lot of misunderstandings and outdated info concerning betting with Bitcoin, which encouraged us to create this article. 

We have taken some of your questions and provided up-to-date and factual answers. We want to ensure you get the VIP treatment from your bookie and understand how to bet using Bitcoin. This information can then be used to make smart bets.


Can I legally gamble using Bitcoin? 

If online gambling is legal in your area and you are over the minimum age for betting, you can start betting now. There's no reason to wait around, as hundreds of live sporting events are taking place this week. 

Look for a bookie that accepts Bitcoin - only the most popular do - register and then bet on the sports, teams, and athletes you love. 

Why did bookies start accepting crypto? 

There are several reasons and, as we already know, many benefits to trading in Bitcoin. The one we find most interesting relates to the competitiveness of the market. 

With the top bookies battling to catch your eye, the top apps are always looking for new ways to outdo the competition. Free bets, markets, and payment options. 

Do bookies offer esports betting? 

Esports is one of the most popular betting options available for online gamblers. Over the last three years, we have seen esports' popularity surge, with millions more bets placed this month than just five years ago. The turnaround has been incredible.

All the top esports competitions and fixtures are available to bet on using your mobile. The bookie with the best esports coverage is the one you should seek out, as you know they share your passion. They'll give you a great welcome bonus free bet too. Read trusted online betting reviews and find a bookie with strong esports coverage. 

Are there any free bets available? 

Some quality gambling sites offer all new players a free bet. Welcome bonuses are used to overshadow the competition and convince you a site is the best in town. If one sportsbook offers a $10 free bet, another will promise $20, and this battle between the top firms continues.

The kind of welcome bonus we advise looking for is a deposit-matched free bet. The promo is an arrangement that works well for both bookie and bettor. 

The more you stake on your first play, the higher your free bet will be. Register an account, deposit, and bet for $10 or more. The free bet will be added to your balance when that bet results. 

Can I use my account to watch live sports? 

Leading bookmakers offer all members access to their live streaming service. Watch all the top fixtures from esports and bet in-play at the touch of a button.

The live stream is free for all members, but some apps ask that you place a bet of 0.50 or more on the outcome of the fixture you intend to watch. 

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