Bookies Happy Over Robert Green Gaffe: England Draw

Written by:
C Costigan
Published on:
Robert Green

With most of the country probably backing England to win their World Cup match against the USA, British bookies could certainly breathe a sigh of relief for the England draw.  They may be the only one's smiling in Great Britain. 

England goalkeeper Robert Green fumbled Clint Dempsey's shot into his own goal to leave the World Cup game with the United States tied at 1-1 after 75 minutes.  There was no score in the second half.

Paddy Power has said of England winning the World Cup: "We would obviously love England to do well in the tournament, not only for the excitement it would generate but also because the further they progress, the more it stimulates betting interest in the tournament.  However, an England win would see many a bookie drowning their sorrows on the morning after."

Winning against the US would have also provided plenty of sorrow for the British books. The draw is typically the least bet on option in any World Cup game. 

North American-facing online bookmakers were also breathing a sigh of relief with the draw as the US side had gotten around 70 percent of the action.  An upset would have been a bit painful.  The only solace is that betting on soccer is not as popular in the States as in England.

This game, because of its high billing, did receive significant betting action from US gamblers however. 

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Christopher Costigan, Publisher



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