Bookies Making a Killing With England “Flop” in World Cup

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C Costigan
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England's poor performance has resulted in huge revenues for the English bookmakers.

Simon English of the London Evening Standard: "Here's the usual plot for the World Cup: England get hugely hyped by the press, fans and players before they go on to perform indifferently in all but one game, which they still contrive to lose. They crash out amid tears from everyone - except the betting industry, which tries hard not to cry with laughter."

England was heavily bet on to beat the USA in their first 2010 World Cup game.  That one ended in a draw.  And certainly the British were not going to lose to Algeria following the initial draw.  Well, the England-Algeria game ended - not just with another draw - but with a scoreless draw.

"It always makes more sense to bet against England - if only as an emotional hedge against the inevitable - but optimism seems to be a powerful drug," the aptly named English writes. 

Ironically the British boomakers will be hoping for a win by England against Slovenia tomorrow in order for the club to move forward and presumably have more bets coming their way with similar results. 

"The script has been upset somewhat in South Africa, because the England team is worse than usual. Even the bookies didn't think we'd be THIS bad."

Christopher Costigan, Publisher 

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