Brad Garrett’s Girlfriend Gets Plenty of WSOP Attention

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Brad Garrett's Girlfriend

Meet Brad Garrett's girlfriend, Isabella.  Isabella has disavowed the concept of the "bra"," points out.  She appeared at the 2009 World Series of Poker (WSOP) without a bra and the shirt she wore highlighter her very sensual grillwork. 

"And for that, we thank her. Bras are overrated. They're not needed. Like newspapers or the CBS Evening News, bras are yesterday's news. A thing of the past." called Brad Garrett's girlfriend a "WSOP Ploy"

"Brad Garrett's girlfriend used the power of her nipples to thwart off any possible bad vibes while Brad was playing in the World Series of Poker, 2009, in Vegas. Isabella's nipples went all in. Yeah, hey, this isn't about my wit, but about some wonderful nipples."

Celeb Brad Garrett of 'Everyone Loves Raymond' fame lasted well into the night until busted out on a failed all in call Wednesday.  Poor Brad, that means he had to go home to Isabella.  We're all shedding a tear here. 

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