How Parlays Were Graded in the Suspended Bills-Bengals Game

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Nagesh Rath
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While most books, BetOnline included, graded side bets on Monday night's suspended Bills-Bengals game as "no action", questions remained as to how totals, quarters, halftime, various props and parlays would be handled.

Our own Thomas Somach reached out to Unibet, which tells all parlay bets would be reduced to have the affected game omitted.  They were also voiding and/or refunding most other bet types involving the Bills-Bengals game.

DraftKings advised it was voiding the Bills v Bengals bets and paying out the parlays that hit while only waiting on legs from that game.

The game was postponed after Bills safety Damar Hamlin went into cardiac arrest while on the field following a tackle.  By Tuesday afternoon, the NFL confirmed the game would not resume any time this week.

Sports commentator Bob Costas told CNN's Anderson Cooper he believes the game will not be played and that the covetted home field advantage throughout may be based on win percentage.   The Bills currently hold the number one seed but will have only played 16 games under this scenario.  The Kansas City Chiefs hold the number two spot but will have 17 games under their belt. 


Mike "The Mouth" Rips Into Anti-Vaxxers Using Hamlin to Push Their Narrative

Thrice vaccinated for the Covid-19 disease, poker pro Mike "The Mouth" Matusow, lashed out at those pushing the narrative that Damar Hamlin's cardiac arrest was a result of the vaccine.

Matusow is a staunch conservative, supporter of former U.S. President Trump, and someone who has questioned the vaccines himself.

"Anti vaxx people on the right really need to stfu when blaming injury on Damar Hamlin on the vaccine. This is pure stupidity that takes away any truths you may say in future!"

Steve J offered this response:

"One of the smarter things you have said. I’m not fond of this vax but this in now way is a vax problem. Lots of medical literature on this situation. People just unite and pray for Damar!"

GC wrote:

"Although I am "on the right" as you put it, I agree, we don't know what we don't know at this point. Getting knocked in the chest can certainly set off a cardio event."

So what gives?

Rumors began surfacing that a Dr. Benjamin Eidelman gave Hamlin the Covid-19 booster shot just days before he collapsed.

Jodan Liles of Snopes says there is no such evidence this happened.

"It can be a mistake to place much trust in brand-new Twitter accounts," Liles wrote.

The account associated with that tweet has since disappeared. 

"I recently administered Damar Hamlin's Covid booster on 12/26," the account in the name of Dr. Eidelman claimed.  "And as a medical professional, I can assure the public he passed all screenings with flying colors. I am in contact with the UCMC staff and will provide any assistance to them."

The tweet was then shared on a few right wing websites, the Gateway Pundit included.

Anti-vaxxers have long pushed the unproven claim that the COVID vaccine causes a variety of ailments. In very rare cases, the vaccine is known to cause myocarditis or pericarditis mostly in young men and boys within days of receiving the shot.

- Nagesh Rath,

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