Jaimee Grubbs Claims Affair With Tiger Woods as Odds Offered

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TMZ.com reports that Us Weekly's latest issue will feature an interview with a woman, Jaimee Grubbs, who claims to have had an affair with Tiger Woods and has text messages to prove her story.  Jaimee Grubbs has appeared on the VH1 reality show Tool Academy.

Jaimee Grubbs, met Woods in April 2007 when he was in Las Vegas. Grubbs, who was 21 at the time, was working as a cocktail waitress, the report says.

Woods was involved in a car accident this weekend outside his home, hitting a fire hydrant and a tree.  Later stories began to surface that his wife, Elin, had chased Woods and smashed his car window with a golf club following an alleged domestic quarrel.  Tiger Woods has refused to comment on the incident outside of offering a vague explanation and insisting his wife essentially saved his life. 

The news stories suggested that Elin had become irate after learning that Woods may have been having an affair with another woman.

Rachel Uchitel, the alleged night club manager who is said to have been recently involved with Woods, told the New York Post that two drugged-up "hookers" made up the story and sold it to tabloids.

"She's just a total train wreck, this girl, and decided because she heard me say Tiger's name a bunch and her and her wicked little friend are looking for a story ... I think they probably misinterpreted because they are on so many drugs and just stupid. When I was arguing four hours on the phone about Tiger, they probably thought, 'Oh, Rachel knows Tiger,'" Uchitel told the Post . The other woman involved "is just looking for a payday because she is a f------ hooker and wants money," Uchitel said. "She just got a little smart for once and put some things together she could use for a story."

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Will Tiger lose any of his sponsorships?

Yes  5/1

No  1/10

Will he win / lose his next major?

Yes  2/1

No  1/3

Which club will Tiger's wife use to smash his windshield with next?

Woods  3/2

Irons  1/1

Putters  2/1

Will Tiger file assault charges against wife?

Yes  2/1

No  1/3

Will Tiger's wife join LPGA

Yes  6/1

No  1/12

Over/under on number of clubs it takes tiger's wife to smash a windshield:

Over 2.5  5/6

Under 2.5  5/6

Odds on what Tiger's facial lacerations are from:

His wife beating him  1/2

Air bag  2/1

Caddy  3/2

Odds on Tiger getting a DWI by 2012

Yes  5/1

No  1/10

Who is involved in a lawsuit first:

Tiger  2/1

Tigers wife  3/2

Caddy  6/5

Who has an affair first

Tiger  5/6

Wife  5/6

Odds that tigers wife is having an affair

Yes  2/1

No  1/3

Will Charges be laid against Tiger?

Yes  5/6

No  5/6

Will rumors of an affair ring true - will a "new woman" come forward as having been w/ Tiger?

Yes  3/1

No  1/5

Will he divorce in next 24 months?

Yes 3/1

No 1/5


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