Jenny Woo is Dating a World Series of Poker Finalist

Written by:
Ace King
Published on:
Dennis Phillips

The entire poker community is abuzz that Senior Correspondent, Jenny Woo, has been seen with one of the 9 2008 World Series of Poker finalists around Miami Beach, sipping Mohitos in the sun and under a brightly lit full moon.

Okay so it may not technically be "dating" even if the two have mentioned the "B" word, perhaps kiddingly.

Who's the World Series of Poker finalist though?  That's the million dollar question.

"Make that the three million dollar question!" Woo said with a grimace, her face turning pink.  "We Asians are missing a chromosome that causes our faces to turn pink when we've had too much to drink."


"I want to have poker babies with him," Woo said of her latest beau.  All kidding aside, the two were said to have really clicked. 

The two did not have sex.

Whether there is a relationship to be had here, it remains to be seen. has approved of the relationship though, which means she wasn't with David Rheem.  That leaves eight.

Woo by the way spent much of last week undercover in Jamaica at Hedonism exploring the dark world of body painting while intermingling with seven other hot photogenic barely clothed babes.  Her cover was blown more than once.  

The photos are on the way.  Watch for Jenny's interview with representative Phil "The Poker Brat" Hellmuth, coming shortly as well.

Talk about a busy diva! 

Ace Young, 

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