Mayweather Mystery Bet: He May Have Won With Alabama

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Tyrone Black
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Mayweather Mystery Bet:  He May Have Won With Alabama

Reports surfaced this past week that boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. had placed a $3 million bet on the Michigan Wolverines to cover the spread against Alabama Saturday night.


Well, the Crimson Tide destroyed Michigan and presumably Mayweather lost his bet.

But not so fast.

Sports blogger Terez Owens on Sunday claims that the mystery Mayweather wager was actually placed on Alabama.

Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather is a big time gambler. He often places large amounts of his MONEY on football games. The undefeated boxer throws it around with the best of em. Here’s what our source close to Floyd says, “Floyd put $3 Mill on Alabama -14 against Michigan this weekend. His initial thought was to take the Wolverines, but opted for the favorite instead. He feels good about his 1st football bet this year” Floyd is a skilled gambler. Of course it always helps when you can afford to lose. Definitely going to be betting the same way as him all year long.

So far, no word from Mayweather.

- Tyrone Black,

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