Not Woo! Gambling911 Reporter Denies WSOP Final 9 Fling

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Jenny Woo

Contrary to reports on Senior Correspondent, Jenny Woo, has denied she bedded one of the 2008 World Series of Poker Final Nine players - hence, there was no date.  G911 reported that one of the finalists flew into Miami this past week to meet (and have dinner/drinks) with Ms. Woo, however, it was not an official visit and there was no groping.

"I still won't say who it was and they can speculate all they want," Ms. Woo said of WCP, who in the past have gotten us in trouble with poker babe/pitcher's wife/model Anna Benson.  "They (WCP) have gotten it wrong before.  Remember last month they said Annie Duke was leaving and that proved to be wrong.  I love Snake and the boys dearly but they should really consider investing in a ‘fact checker' like the one we have at.....well, I won't regurgitate over minor nuances."

That website has speculated the poker player in question was none other than Ylon Schwartz.

The chess master (spelled c-h-e-s-s, not c-h-e-s-t), and professional poker player from Brooklyn, New York, was a fourth place finisher in the $10,000 World Championship No Limit Hold'em Main Event of the 2008 World Series of Poker (WSOP), played on November 9, 2008.  He walked away with just over $3.7 million.

"Jenny would make an ideal wife and mom," expressed Senior Editor, Payton O'Brien.  "If true, Ylon Schwartz would be a perfect catch." approves of such a relationship.

The "encounter" occurred immediately following a modeling shoot at Jamaica's Hedonism Resort where Woo hooked up with a 70 year old man with a monstrous member dressed as Santa Claus (yes, we have the pictures).  Woo is a naturalist even if 12 percent of her body is reinforced by plastic.

Jenny severed a nine-month long relationship with a brain surgeon, who is widely credited with helping to boost Woo's IQ and rid her temporarily of her ADT, though this is the same brain surgeon who once forgot to set his clocks forward at daylight savings time and was late for brain surgery.  A chess master would never do such a thing.  

Psychologists have tended to concentrate their studies on the type 3) geniuses – those who know how to operate clocks. It is interesting to survey some of their results, building up a character profile of the ‘typical genius’. Many of the findings for more general geniuses (pertaining to their background, attitudes, values and personality) apply very well to the great chess players (who may, indeed, have figured in some of the research).  For the chess player, persistent, long-term, internal motivation is needed, not just a desire to win trophies, money or glory.  It is an interesting study that Jenny tends to gravitate towards “geniuses” and – in the case of the brain surgeon “someone well schooled who doesn’t know how to tell time”. 

“This says a lot about her character and why she herself is such a talented creative driven personality which comes through in her well thought out articles that appear here on the website,” expressed O’Brien.

Schwartz was one of the more engaging figures at this year's World Series of Poker final table. 

Jenny has dated a swath of millionaires and even a billionaire, but money is not a driving force in her life expect for when she is broke and asking for pay advances from her boss.

"I have found the more they (these men) make, the more empty and self-righteous they are.  The richest was the most insecure in fact.  The person I met with last week - who I will not name - was sweet, secure, caring, and we engaged in deep stimulating conversation," Woo said.

In the past Jenny Woo has "dated" Vin Diesel, Dennis Rodman, and enjoyed a "25 minute heated groping encounter in the middle of a public place" with Dave Navarro.  Woo has also been linked to Miami Ink tattoo artist Chris Núñez. Staff

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