Odds of Israel Striking Iran by Year’s End at 40 Percent Says Betting Exchange

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Aaron Goldstein
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Odds of Israel Striking Iran by Year’s End at 40 Percent Says Betting Exchange

There has been a lot of talk about Israel possibly striking Iran some time in 2012 should they fear an advancement of that regime’s nuclear program.  The betting public remains somewhat skeptical, however, as only 40 percent believe a strike is imminent by year’s end.


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US President Barack Obama warned against “loose talk” this weekend as it relates to military action against Iran.  Obama was meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over these next few days.

"I firmly believe that an opportunity remains for diplomacy - backed by pressure - to succeed," Obama told a crowd of 13,000 at the AIPAC policy conference.

Israel’s patience appears to be wearing thin however.

The Israeli prime minister said he appreciated that Obama "made clear that when it comes to a nuclear-armed Iran, containment is simply not an option."

"Perhaps most important of all, I appreciated the fact that he said that Israel must be able to defend itself, by itself, against any threat," Netanyahu added.

President Obama insists the correct course to take is to continue imposing sanctions against Iran. 

Obama used a common poker term last week during an interview with Atlantic Magazine where he issued his most direct threat yet of U.S. military action against Iran to date. 

“I don’t bluff,” he said.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com 

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