Sexy Poker Could Help Fuel Online Poker Craze Again

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Ace King
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Sexy Poker

Sexy Poker is the controversial new game platform release from Nintendo and it could help create a whole new player base for the online poker sector, which has hit a few snags of late. 

"I mean seriously, why play the Nintendo game when you can play for real cash with real sexy celebrities the likes of Nicky Hilton and Doyle Brunson at the world famous" asks Senior Editor, Payton O'Brien.

And the folks at DoylesRoom and other online poker sites are hoping for some spill over from the new release.  

With this week's addition of Sexy Poker to the WiiWare service, the limits are being tested on the sexual front, writes Jason Raics of the Examiner.

"Just to be clear, the game uses animated manga-style females instead of real women and although it was originally slated to include nudity, the furthest the game goes is to show the characters in their bathing suits or underwear. Still, it should be interesting to see the reaction of parents and gamers out there. Our country has an interesting set of values, to say the least. We accept movies and games that are chock-full of violence, drugs, and bad language, yet the moment sex and/or nudity is involved, we freak out."

The game's described as "strip poker against a selection of six lovely Manga-style women who may wind up in nothing but swimsuits or underwear when the final hand is dealt."

Winning games will unlock photos of the girls for your own personal gallery. The game has already been banned in Australia for being too sexy.

We still like the idea of playing with Nicky Hilton better.

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