Be Careful of These Sports Betting Scams Ohio Better Business Bureau Warns

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Gilbert Horowitz
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Bettors beware in Ohio.  The Better Business Bureau warns of identities being stolen at a rapid rate since legalized sports betting launched January 1 (2023).

Cleveland 19 reports that "many people are taking advantage of "risk-free bets" only to have their identity stolen. It's not explained how the two coincide.

But the BBB offers some tips on how to be safe when it comes to sports betting in the Buckeye State.

Of course they first advise to use only sites that are licensed by the Ohio Casino Control Commission.  That's not to say there aren't plenty of solid offshore books that are accessible from Ohio, as well as some honorable local bookmakers.  Do beware of sites claiming to be licensed in Ohio that do not appear on the OCCC.  There are definitely scams out there.

But playing with a website licensed by the OCCC doesn't necessarily mean you won't be scammed.  DraftKings was recently the subject of a massive security breach whereby hackers gained access to customer accounts.  DraftKings is licensed in Ohio.

The also warn Ignore gambling-related pop-up ads, email spam, or text messages.  That's one piece of advise we can definitely get behind.

Another warning courtesy of the Better Business Bureau: Gambling sites and apps often offer incentives or bonuses to new users and around major games. But like any sales pitch, these can be deceptive. Be sure to read the fine print carefully.

Sports Betting is Finally Coming to Maine

With Massachusetts in the process of reviewing sports betting operator applications, Maine remains among the last of the New England states to actively pursue the sector. 

Maine launched the formal process of instituting sports betting Wednesday by releasing proposed rules.

Legislation was actually passed back in June but the director of the Maine Gambling Control Unit insists on moving along slowly and methodically.

Licenses are not slated to be issued prior to the month of April, after the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament but just in time for Major League Baseball.   A hearing is scheduled for January 31.

Mobile and online sports betting will be overseen by the Native American tribes in Maine.

Currently, it's unclear whether prospective bettors would be required to register at Maine tribal casinos in order to place bets online.  Nevada requires in-person registration to bet remotely as did Illinios up until recently.

Vermont is the only New England site that has yet to consider legalized sports betting.

- Gilbert Horowitz,

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