2022 Kentucky Derby Morning Odds

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Gambling911.com has your 2022 Kentucky Derby morning odds, keeping in mind that these numbers will be shifting dramatically from 3 pm ET to post up time just after 6 pm ET.  We strongly recommend you lock the number you like in immediately here.


This is one of the rare Kentucky Derby races where there really is not an odds-on favorite.  Epicenter has taken over the spot for shortest odds, but with a payout potential of $45 on a $10 bet. Taiba has shot up the ranks from 8-1 to 5-1 and is flirting with favorite status.

For much of the period after the post positions were drawn, Zandon became the favorite.  He's now at 8-1 odds.

Messier continues to be in the mix at +650 for a payout potential of $65 on every $10 bet. He had been at 10-1 odds.

2022 Kentucky Derby Morning Odds

To Win The 2022 Kentucky Derby

1 Mo Donegal    +700

2 Happy Jack    +2200

3 Epicenter    +450

4 Summer Is Tomorrow    +4500

5 Smile Happy    +1500

6 Messier    +650

7 Crown Pride    +1400

8 Charge It    +1200

9 Tiz The Bomb    +2500

10 Zandon    +800

11 Pioneer Of Medina    +5500

12 Taiba    +500

13 Simplification    +4300

14 Barber Road    +3600

15 White Abarrio    +1150

16 Cyberknife    +1500

17 Classic Causeway    +7000

18 Tawny Port    +7000

19 Zozos    +3900

21 Rich Strike    +8000

2022 Kentucky Derby Early Odds


pays $450 on a $100 bet


pays $1000 on a $100 bet


pays $500 on a $100 bet


pays $800 on a $100 bet

Smile Happy

pays $2000 on a $100 bet

Mo Donegal

pays $1200 on a $100 bet

White Abarrio

pays $1000 on a $100 bet

Charge It

pays $1600 on a $100 bet


pays $2000 on a $100 bet


pays $2000 on a $100 bet

Tiz The Bomb

pays $3300 on a $100 bet

Early Voting

pays $2500 on a $100 bet


pays $2500 on a $100 bet


pays $2500 on a $100 bet

Classic Causeway

pays $3300 on a $100 bet

Tawny Port

pays $3300 on a $100 bet

Barber Road

pays $3300 on a $100 bet

Summer Is Tomorrow

pays $5000 on a $100 bet

Eternal Road

pays $5000 on a $100 bet

Happy Jack

pays $6600 on a $100 bet

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