6 Top Tier Game Options Available For Punters at Crypto Casinos

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Aaron Goldstein
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Today, many punters are more interested in an online casino with a significant game depth than one with fewer options. The best crypto casinos offer just that but typically provide gamblers with improved odds when compared to your typical web casino platform.  There are many options and you'll want to pick the best in order to maximize your winnings. 

Online casinos in recent years - especially since the global pandemic - are giving their conventional counterparts a run for their money.  This growth has also corresponded with the mainstream acceptance of digital currencies such as bitcoin.  If you happened to watch this year's Super Bowl, no further explanation is needed.  The ad spend was right up their with the automotive sector.   One doesn't have to be a rocket scientist to understand why the crypto casino sector is like a runaway train these days.

Why Online Crypto Casinos are Better Patronized in 2022

By default, folks across the globe were forced to stay home during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Brick and mortar casinos were shut down.  Even when they did eventually open back up, fears remained about catching the dreaded disease.  A percent of the gambling population still did not want to venture out to a land-based casino.  Others revolted against mask wearing and social distancing requirements.  Still others refused to be around anti-maskers.  You get the drift. Stay home, stay happy.  That was our motto at least.

The casino experience also lost some of its mystique with the temporary elimination of some services (i.e. valet parking and dining).  The journal Lippincott Williams & Wilkins even conducted an extensive study on the global pandemic's impact on casino gambling, observing the increased patronage of the Web alternatives. 

Throw in the crypto component, it's like going from a manual shift car with no radio to an automated vehicle that practically drives itself.  

Let's look at some of the aspects of a bitcoin casino that make these sites special when comparing their traditional counterparts.

1. Security

As mentioned above, payout odds are typically improved as a result of the transparency element associated with the blockchain and the inability to tamper with or leak data.   You will see the term "Provably Fair" tossed around regularly in any discussion pertaining to crypto gaming. 

Bitcoin Casinos provide a high level of security whereby all transactions can be viewed via the blockchain.  Digital currencies eliminate the need for an intermediary to process transactions.

In addition, many bitcoin casinos ensure that users activate two-factor authentication for everything related to their account.

And finally, in the U.S. at least, we are constantly reminded of unseemly characters preying on those leaving the casino with their winnings.  Casino muggings are more common than one might think.  Only a handful of these stories ever reach the news.  Many brick and mortar gambling establishments are located in high crime areas.  Between August 1 and October 31, 2020 there were 1,100 arrests in and around the Las Vegas Strip, many of which were stabbings and shootings.

Theft is not an issue with online casinos unless there happens to be someone hovering over your shoulder gaining access to your credentials.

2. Game Variety

The more options, the more chances to win. The vast majority of bitcoin casinos tend to incorporate over a hundred casino-specific games.  Your typical land-based casino has a limited number of game offerings.  Most jurisdictions in the U.S. do not even allow Vegas style table games.

While some online bitcoin casinos have developed games unique to their particular platform, most games are in line with what you would expect from an authentic casino experience.

3. Ease of Access

With an internet-connected mobile phone or computer, you can access any bitcoin casino worldwide. This ease is what many individuals treasure. However, be mindful that these websites are not available in all jurisdictions without the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN).  It's become commonplace for folks to use VPNs with the bitcoin casino even in regions where they are easily accessible and without prohibitions.

Unlike real-life casinos where one must often travel long distances, Bitcoin websites bring your favorite casino games straight to your own living room or office.

Deposits and withdrawals are lightning fast.  You'll link a bitcoin wallet to an exchange.  Simply cut and paste a piece of code, known as an address or token, between the two platforms and submit to the casino site for deposit.  Do the same, only in reverse, for withdrawals.  The exchange can be tied to a traditional banking account or a credit card.  The entire deposit and/or withdrawal process can sometimes take under an hour, including on Sundays.  ACH payments in your chosen currency might arrive in your personal bank account same day.

We here at Gambling911.com were resistant to dabble in bitcoin transactions initially.  Now this method has become the only way we send and receive money online.  Let's put it this way: If we can do it, anyone can.

4. Cost-effective 

By being cost-effective, bitcoin casinos are cheaper to patronize than regular real-life or online casinos. That's because there are little to no fees attached when sending and receiving funds.  There is an option available to pay a few cents more for a quicker transaction as each one has to be verified by miners These miners take a cut of your transaction in the form of a fee.  No, not US$25, not US$10, not even US$2.  We are talking pennies on the dollar.

Even the choice of cryptocurrencies helps in reducing fees and improving upon the overall experience, from micropayment-oriented digital blockchains to a decentralized, open-source blockchain with smart contract functionality like Ether.

5 Top Games Available on Crypto Casinos

Online Crypto Casinos usually have plenty of games embedded within them, but some are more popular than others.  Let's take a look.

1. Slots

Synonymous with the slot machines found in real-life casinos, these themed one-armed bandits offer a popular game of chance.  These are among the most "beginner-friendly" casino games with customers only required to activate a digital lever and hope their spins pay out.  So in other words, your beloved friends at Gambling911.com can even play this game without having to pick up an instruction manual.

Just remember that three matching symbols result in a win. Prizes won are based on the pay table available on the crypto casino platform, and these continue to evolve over the years.  Odds are often compatible, if not better, than what one might find in a retail casino.

The designers develop these online casino games to suit the gambling platform.

2. Roulette

The little wheel game has taken different forms over the years. Roulette, like most other casino games, is considered a game of luck. 

Roulette players are required to guess the color (red or black) and number (odd or even) in which the ball is to ultimately land. Some will say the key to winning in the roulette game is to wager on as many numbers as possible.  

There are different variants of the game popular in specific regions of the world.  American and European Roulette are among the best known. Double Ball Roulette is also available at some crypto casinos.

3. Blackjack

The most popular card game is in any casino enviroment, land-based or virtual, is blackjack.  It is a casino-banked, card-comparing game in which the player competes against the dealer.

Memory, observation, and computation are the key to success in the blackjack game.  One of the advantages of playing blackjack online is that you don't have to observe some drunk sitting next to you hitting on the number 17.

It can be argued that elements of this game are more skill-oriented.   There are even professional card counters.  We're looking at you Phil Ivey.

4. Craps

Many online crypto casinos, not all, have embedded the game of craps.  It's a game played with the aid of dice whereby the player must guess the outcome of the rolled dice. A successful guess of the rolled dice outcome means a win for the player.   This game is pure chance.

5. Bingo

In the game of Bingo, a player saying the word "Bingo" is the alert that he or she has won.  With the crypto casino, a group of numbers is a functional component in this game.  The player must reveal the numbers in a given coupon.

While selecting tiles to show these numbers, if any indicated numbers are similar to the displayed numbers, this translates into a win. Although a game of chance, punters can win Bingo quickly and consistently. And you don't have to do so in a smoke-filled hall with a bunch of loud-mouthed blue-haired 70-somethings.

6. Sports Betting 

Our personal favorite around these parts.  Sports betting has become very lucrative for crypto casinos over the years.  In fact, online sportsbooks were among the first to incorporate bitcoin into their platforms as a companion to fiat currencies and to enhance the transaction process.  Soon thereafter, crypto-only sportsbooks began to emerge.

Individuals can bet the outcome of their favorite sports, including soccer, boxing, basketball, and horse racing.  These days, one can bet live in-play on what will happen next (i.e. a touchdown, an interception, an incomplete pass).  Props and futures bets are especially popular.

It's easy to see why sports betting is one of the most sought after forms of gambling in crypto casinos.

In the U.S., mainstream acceptance of the once tarnished activity has resulted in league and media partnerships, translating into massive advertising exposure.  Hell, even Mickey Mouse wants in on the sports betting action.

And while regulation means improved access to traditional funding methods, the anonymity and nominal fees tied to bitcoin ensures its place in the online gambling ecosystem.

In closing, let's just say, crypto online gambling sites are here to stay.  There is no turning back.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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