Beloved Frugal Vegas Columnist Undergoes Brain Surgery (Update)

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C Costigan
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Famed "Frugal Vegas" columnist Jean Scott underwent brain surgery on Saturday.  And we have some great news to report as the prognosis looks good early on.  The family is hoping for a speedy recovery.


We first received word late this week that Jean Scott was to undergo brain surgery Saturday.  Scott is known for her column "Frugal Vegas", appearing on until last year when she signed off one last time.  Scott has appeared on "48 Hours" and still offers regular updates via social media such as Facebook.

"This is Angela, Jean's daughter, the 'Frugal Princess' and I want to update you on what's going on with Jean. As most of you are aware, Brad is in Memory Care and adjusting well, but now Mom has her own medical struggles that are requiring brain surgery which is scheduled for tomorrow (Saturday). She's in the hospital now, but we won't know how serious this is until after the surgery. She wanted you all to know that she will be unable to post for awhile and I will update her Facebook as I get more information. She wants me to tell you that she is aware that this is not an Advantage Play, and the percentages just aren't what she likes to see, but she is optimistic that she will hit a JACKPOT and get back to over 100%!"

"Thoughts and prayers or whatever the kids are doing now. Jean Scott is a national treasure," Vital Vegas tweeted out Saturday evening upon hearing the news.

On Sunday afternoon, Jean's daughter provided the following update: "Mom's surgery went very well yesterday and she is talking and joking today! Updates to come!"


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