Biden, Trump, or Harris - Who Will Win the 2024 US Presidential Election?

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Although still a few years away, many are already wagering on who will win the 2024 US presidential election. Will Joe Biden stay in office, will Donald Trump return to the White House after a four-year absence, or could Kamala Harris be the first female president in US history? This article explains why these three politicians are the bookmakers’ favorites to be the next president.

Why Harris Is The Early Frontrunner

Online sportsbooks have tipped her to be the next US president because of her young age compared to Joe Biden. If you consider the ongoing concerns about the president’s mental health and the fact that he will be 81 in 2021, many bettors think he will only serve one term in the White House. Therefore, Kamala Harris could become the next successful Democratic Party candidate. What’s more, if the black voter turnout in major cities is as large as the last election, Harris makes sense as the front-runner. It’s reasonable to assume the leaders from black communities could get behind the Californian runs for president. For these reasons, political betting odds are in favor of Kamala Harris winning the next election.

Can Biden Stay President?

Although many bettors expect Biden to exit the White House before his term ends, online betting sites think that it is likely that he will stay president in 2024. The recent withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and how the situation with the Taliban unfolds in the Middle-Eastern country will undoubtedly affect his odds of staying in office. Even though Biden’s approval rating has dipped recently, the latest odds still make him the second favorite to win the next presidential election. However, how he handles further COVID-19 issues, the outcome of the democrats’ $3.5tn spending bill, and uncertainty over how the upcoming Canadian election will undoubtedly impact his odds.

Could Donald Trump Be President Again?

Although Donald Trump is the first president in US history to be impeached twice by the House of Representatives, he could run for the White House for a second time. After being acquitted in the Senate for a second time in February 2021, Trump can legally run again for office. His right-wing populist approach galvanized many voters into action for him to narrowly win in 2016, and many believe that he could exploit any failures made during Biden’s tenure to mount a successful presidential campaign once again. Perhaps the improved economic figures when Trump was in office, his tough stance on crime, and his anti-establishment appeal are the reasons why online bookmakers make him the third favorite to win the next presidential election.

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