Conference Chair of the Indian Gaming Association Calls Out 'Dumbest Lawyer in Industry'

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Jagajeet Chiba
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There was some rather ugly vitriol over the weekend as Conference Chair of the Indian Gaming Association. President of Victor Strategies, Victor Rocha referred to Florida gaming attorney Daniel Wallach as "the dumbest lawyer in the industry".


Wallach has certainly made a name for himself in gaming law.  He also happens to teach a course on the subject here in Miami.  But there is no love lost between these two individuals for sure.

"Why would anyone want his opinion on sports betting, especially California?," Rocha asked.  "This is the idiot that testified in Sacramento that the state didn’t need to change the constitution for sports betting."

Rocha specifically referenced an article appearing on Sports Handle entitled "Florida Sports Betting SCOTUS Ruling Could Have National Impact".

The Seminole Tribe secured a legal victory to keep Florida’s sports betting model intact when the Supreme Court denied West Flagler Associates’ petition for writ of certiorari.

The Sports Handle piece asks if California will follow Florida's lead?

“In California, the ballot initiative fiascos are so fresh on the minds of everybody, that it would seem to be inadvisable to go back to the electorate so quickly after 2022, and that might encompass 2026 as well,” Wallach told the site.

“Going through the Governor, lobbying, at least in my opinion is a fraction of the expense if you would have to compare it to having to go through the public ballot initiative,” Samir Patel, an associate at Holland & Knight LLP, said, to which Wallach agreed.

“I think California tribes would be well-positioned to advance the argument that the legislature can approve a compact negotiated between the governor and the tribes. Whether that’s politically realistic or not, that’s beyond my sphere of knowledge. That really comes down to the inner workings of the political process in California.”

Rocha wasn't done letting Wallach have it.

"He’s the biggest hack in the industry. There’s a reason why he hasn’t spoken at G2E, ICE or IGA in the last 5 years. We all see him for what he is."

Wallach did appear at the SBC Summit in the Meadowlands within the last 5 years where he memorably compared offshore sports betting to child pornography.  Probably not his finest moment.


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