Dealer at Legends Poker Room in Houston Allegedly Rigging Card Decks

Written by:
Nagesh Rath
Published on:

A shock video has emerged that reportedly shows a Houston poker room dealer stacking the deck against players.

Six-times WSOP bracelet winner Shaun Deeb shared the video on his social media feed.

“Got a pretty disgusting video from a player down here about the Legends Poker Room down in Houston,” he noted on Twitter. “Seems there were a few mechanic dealers down there. It’s not the best quality but when you see it, you won’t unsee it. Dealer isn’t actually shuffling the cards. He’s separating them back to how they want them.”

A higher quality video was later uploaded by Deeb.

Some are saying the dealer was likely inexperienced as opposed to trying to cheat out players.

“It’s amazing how some are taking the stance that this was legitimate shuffles or even crazier, just a bad dealer,” Deeb said on Twitter.

Poker player Joe Tall erased any notion that the dealer could be prosecuted if he was indeed found to be stacking the deck.

"Prosecuted is a strong word. While I'm NOT a lawyer, I highly doubt there can be legal recourse since *I think* poker is illegal in Texas, and these rooms operate under 'club rules'."


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Texas Poker Rooms Have Been Controversial for Years

Poker rooms in Texas have become hugely popular and are permitted to operate - albeit under some degree of scrutiny - using a social club model.  Players pay to rent their seats during games, generally around an additional $10-$15 per hour just to play.  Because they do not take a rake, club owners believe the establishments are legal.

Noted gaming attorney I. Nelson Rose doesn't believe it is that simple.

He wrote back in 2022: Perhaps someone should have reminded everyone involved that Texas has a lot of anti-gambling laws.  They include the crimes of “Gambling,” “Gambling Promotion,” and “Keeping a Gambling Place.”

Rose quipped: "I don’t know the name of the lawyer who dreamed up the idea of playing poker as a private social club.  But I would love to see his or her Legal Opinion." 

It was just two years ago that Dallas lawmakers were attempting to shut down the card rooms there.

The city went as far as to revoke the permit for Texas Card House just months after approving it.

The rooms are also known for attracting a seedy element.

In 2018, two individuals were arrested for the shooting of poker player Tom ‘3BetPanda’ Steinback outside an Austin, Texas area "Card House" off Highway 183.


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