DraftKings Responds to Crazy Lawsuit Alleging Extortion, Leaked Customer Info, Death Threats

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Jagajeet Chiba
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DraftKings has responded to a lawsuit claiming everything from death threats to extortion to hacking.


The complaint, filed in in Supreme Court, Queens County, claims a popular pro sports bettor, Gadoon “Spanky” Kyrollos, was provided DraftKings leaked customer data.  Then it really goes off the rails.

The complainant, only identified as “John Doe”, says that on 30 March 2023 in Long Island City, New York City, a masked man grabbed and violently spunhim around, then threatened to kill the plaintiff unless he paid $500,000 to Spanky. 

The filing alleged that unidentified staff in the “upper echelons” of DraftKings knowingly provided the plaintiff’s address, sensitive personal information, financial history, and betting history to Spanky.

It also alleged that the same DraftKings employees later conspired to change the email address associated with the plaintiff’s sports betting account.

Next.io first broke the story and Jessica Wellman posted to her Twitter page below..

Wellman received comment from DraftKings Tuesday afternoon.  The company says it intends to file a Motion to Dismiss.

When asked for comment, DraftKings provided SBC Americas the following statement:

“The complaint filed against DraftKings in March 2024 by an unnamed plaintiff is full of inaccuracies and baseless allegations. In the complaint, the plaintiff does not identify any DraftKings employee, but rather alleges on ‘information and belief’ that an unknown and unidentified DraftKings employee provided private account information to ‘Spanky’ and to additional unnamed third parties. DraftKings has found no evidence of anyone at DraftKings providing plaintiff’s information to a third-party, and DraftKings denies acknowledging any such ‘security breach’. Nor has DraftKings uncovered any improper activity by a DraftKings employee, or any activity on plaintiff’s account, relating to the allegedly unauthorized change of the email address associated with plaintiff’s DraftKings account. DraftKings is moving to dismiss the complaint by June 28.”

Gambling911.com has reached out to Spanky for comment but have not yet received a response.


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