How Safe Are Online Sports Betting Services?

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With any online service where you put money on the line, a lot of people are unsure if online sports betting services are safe and secure.

It’s perfectly normal to worry about your money, and any betting service – online or not – is not without risk. Some betting sites, like Sbobet, have good reputations, but you might still be worried about betting. How can you tell what betting sites are safe? What should you look out for? Here are some tips on identifying safe, legitimate online sports betting sites.

  1. Identity Verification

A true online sportsbook is a technically licensed businesses with regulations. They must abide by the rules of the region in which they are licensed. Almost always, one of these rules is customer identity verification. 

An online sports betting site that does not have identity verification could be (and most likely is) complicit in criminal activities. Without identification, there could be anything from underage betting to incorrect money exchanges. If they don’t have this feature, they’re likely trying to scam you, steal your money, and disappear.


  1. A Good Reputation

People can fake a good reputation, in some ways, especially online. However, the longer a site has been around (if they’re reliable) then the better their reputation will be. 

Check out online reviews and find other users of the betting service you’re considering. If they’ve had a good experience, it’s likely they’re a safe option. A sportsbook that was ripping users off is unlikely to remain in business for too long. 


  1. Developed Interface

If a site looks suspicious, then it probably is. Good, legitimate sites will have a high-functioning, easy to use interface that’s pleasing to the eye. It will also have live betting options and a good mobile platform. Someone looking to scam potential bettors out of their money won’t take the time to develop a good website. 


It takes time and money to build such a site, and scam sportsbook sites are relatively obvious. Trust your instincts.


  1. Customer Service

Any good business, including online sports betting services, should have responsive customer service. If you can email or message the sportsbook and get a fast response, they’re likely safe and legitimate. 

A great customer service department has taken the time to know how to assist bettors. They have the skills and knowledge to solve most problems, and quickly as possible. 

A good staff costs money, and anyone who invests in a good customer service department is hoping to build a reliable service.



Betting on anything is a risk, and placing bets online adds an entirely new layer of risk. Things happen, but there are ways to prevent such mistakes. If you know what to look for, you can easily avoid financial ruin from a scam betting site. 

Using the tips above, start by searching out reputable online services and go from there. You can make good money in online sports betting, just make sure you put your money in the right places. 


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