Israel Palastine Conflict Spills Over Into Poker Forum

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Ace King
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Two of poker's most outspoken personalities got into a heated exchange over the Israel-Hamas war Thursday.  Warning: Graphic Language Follows


Mike "The Mouth" Matusow, a staunch supporter of Israel, blasted follow player and Instagram influencer, Dan Bilzerian after the latter tweeted this to his X account:

"Incase y’all were confused on where I stand, let me be clear, Fuck Israel."

Matusow's response to Bilzerian:

"Go suck dick with Bonomo , fucking antisemite scumbag!"

Matusow is referring to fellow player, Justin Bonomo, who apparently does not support the Israeli position.

The responses to both players is split.

"Oh look, Dan on the wrong side of history... Shocker!!," one of Bilzerian's followers tweeted.

"Oh no! Fake rich dude outed by his manager doesn’t like Israel. I call that a blessing," another wrote.

Others simply echoed his sentiment.

Not to be outdone, Matusow always tends to have a rough crew.

Jason Southwell responded to Matusow:

"There is a big difference between hating a country and it's people. It's not antisemitic to hate what Israel is doing anymore than it is anti-American to thing we shouldn't be droning innocent brown people in the name of terrorism.

"That said, he may be antisemitic too, no idea."

Another tweeted: "C'mon Mikey, you got big day tomorrow, just focus on cards!"

Of course Matusow had plenty of folks agreeing with his stance as well.

The conflict - we're talking about the one in the poker world - has been escalated in no small part by one of poker's most successful and outspoken players, Daniel Negreanu. 

Unlike Matusow and Bilzerian going at each other by hurling insults, Negreanu and Bonomo have chosen a more civilized, though at times heated, means of expressing their positions.

Negs spoke out early on at the start of the Israel-Hamas war.

"The people of Israel are surrounded by nations who’s stated goal is the genocide of Jews.  A tiny sliver of the region surrounded by nations who want them all dead.  They use children as human shields, ironically preying on it being a deterrent to Israelis.  I stand with Israel."

The Jewish Journal even profiled Negreanu back in February. 

"Although he’s not Jewish, Daniel proudly says that he studied the complex Middle East geopolitics well before the events of October 7. He has made impressive statements and posts explaining his staunch support of Israel, and warns of the dangers of rampant antisemitism — all in the face of the usual swaths of online hatred."

Bonomo has been equally as outspoken.  He is on opposite sides of the spectrum, speaking out against Israel.

This was Bonomo a few months ago on X:

"I’ve been called absolutely vile names for saying that Israel’s attack on al-Shifa hospital was not justified (no Hamas command center there), and for saying that Israel was bombing the very areas it told civilians to flee to.  CNN and The Washington Post confirmed those two points yesterday.

"I take no solace in being proven right about these things. I wish with all my heart that I was mistaken about the conduct of the IDF

"Every morning I wake up and read about the horrors that innocent Palestinians are forced to endure. I’m filled with endless sadness and anger every day. I just want the suffering to end. I just want peace for every civilian regardless of their religion, ethnicity, or beliefs

"This massacre won’t give anyone peace. Obviously not the Palestinian people, but not the Israelis either. Every bomb dropped only emboldens Hamas to keep fighting

"A ceasefire followed by self determination for the Palestinian people is the only way this conflict can ever end. Any other result will just lead to more death and destruction."

David Peat, better known as Viffer in the poker world, is among those who support Bonomo's stance.


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