Kansas Gambling News - June 2024

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Kansas Wants Chiefs and Royals With Sports Betting Helping in This Quest

(June 24, 2024) - Bipartisan legislative supermajorities approved a measure last week to authorize state bonds to help finance new stadiums and practice facilities for both teams on the Kansas side of the metropolitan area of 2.3 million residents.  The Royals and Chiefs currently play along side each other just across the border in Kansas City, Missouri.  The current facility lease expires on 2031.

The plan from the Republican-controlled Legislature goes next to Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly. While she stopped short of promising to sign it, she said in a statement that “Kansas now has the opportunity to become a professional sports powerhouse.”

“We’re excited about what happened here today,” Korb Maxwell, an attorney for the Chiefs who lives on the Kansas side, said at the Statehouse after the bill cleared the Legislature. “This is incredibly real.”

State bonds would be used to cover up to 70% of each new stadium, paying them off over 30 years with revenues from sports betting, state lottery ticket sales and new sales and alcohol taxes collected from shopping and entertainment districts around the new stadiums.

Chiefs Super Bowl Odds

(June 24, 2024) - Remarkably, the Chiefs are NOT the odds-on favorites to win the 2025 Super Bowl at most sportsbooks and pay per head outlets.  Well, some good news is that they've since managed to push into a tie with the San Francisco 49ers as co-favorites at 6-1.

Rot     2025 NFL Super Bowl Winner     Moneyline
1001     San Francisco 49ers         +600
1002     Kansas City Chiefs         +600
1003     Baltimore Ravens         +900
1004     Cincinnati Bengals         +1400
1005     Buffalo Bills         +1400
1006     Detroit Lions         +1200
1007     Philadelphia Eagles         +1600
1008     Dallas Cowboys         +1800
1009     Miami Dolphins         +2200
1010     Green Bay Packers         +1800
1011     New York Jets         +2200
1012     Houston Texans         +1400
1013     Los Angeles Chargers         +3500
1014     Jacksonville Jaguars         +4000
1015     Los Angeles Rams         +3000
1016     Chicago Bears         +3500
1017     Atlanta Falcons         +2500
1018     Cleveland Browns         +4000
1019     Indianapolis Colts         +7000
1020     Minnesota Vikings         +6000
1021     Tampa Bay Buccaneers         +7000
1022     Pittsburgh Steelers         +4000
1023     Seattle Seahawks         +8000
1024     New Orleans Saints         +8000
1025     Arizona Cardinals         +8000
1026     Las Vegas Raiders         +8000
1027     Denver Broncos         +10000
1028     Washington Commanders         +12500
1029     New England Patriots         +15000
1030     New York Giants         +15000
1031     Tennessee Titans         +15000
1032     Carolina Panthers         +25000

Kansas Current Sports Betting Market

The legal age to bet online and in person is 21.  Opening an online betting account can be done from one's own home via a licensed website's registration page. 

The only sites regulated by the state are FanDuel, Fanatics, DraftKings, BetMGM, ESPN Bet and Caesars.

With the limited competition, offshore sportsbooks and local bookies using sportsbook software still thrive in the Sunflower State.

Kansas Gambling Tax Rules

A tax rate of 10% will be applied to all sports betting revenue in Kansas for all regulated websites. Additionally, a federal tax of 24% is tacked onto gambling winnings in the U.S.

What You Can't Bet in Kansas as of June 2024

Politics, eSports and novelty bets are not available from state regulated websites.  These options can be found on sites that are licensed internationally and still accessible to those in Kansas.

Can I Play on Internet Casinos in Kansas?

Kansas does not currently regulate online casino sites.  Many offshore sportsbooks offer online casinos to those in the state as do pay per head sites that offer online casinos as part of their package.

Can I Play Online Poker in Kansas?

Poker is only available via internationally licensed websites like ACR Poker

Pros and Cons of Gambling in Kansas

There are very few restrictions when it comes to Kansas regulated websites outside of the limited competition at this time.  The state promises licensing up to around a dozen sites but the population really does not allow for this.  Be prepared to provide your social security number when joining one of the six regulated sites.  Many in the state still opt for local bookies as they offer anonymity, lack of reporting and often more options, not to mention betting on credit.  Local bookies, however, are not regulated by the state.


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