Monopoly Live: Game Rules, Outcomes, Tips, and Betting Strategy

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Monopoly Live is a live dealer game launched by Evolution in early 2019. As its name suggests, it's a live casino variant of the popular board game Monopoly from Hasbro, the fourth best-selling board game ever! Evolution's development team did a fantastic job adapting it into a live dealer title. Its quality and immersive gameplay quickly drew the attention of players worldwide, making Monopoly Live a huge success.

Today, we’ll talk about the Monopoly Live Casino game, its rules, and outcomes and discuss betting strategies you can use to improve your winning odds.

How to Play Monopoly Live

If you wish to learn how to play this thrilling live casino release from Evolution, look no further. Monopoly Live is the second wheel game from the renowned developer (with the first one being Dream Catcher, released in 2017). Monopoly Live took the existing experience to an entirely new level by introducing Mr. Monopoly, a 3D character, and offering a bonus round in 3D. The subsequent success of this title inspired Evolution to develop Crazy Time. But that's a story for another occasion.

Once you enter Monopoly Live, you'll be dazzled by the live studio enhanced with augmented reality. Monopoly City sits in the background while Mr. Monopoly is in his armchair sipping tea. He'll be sitting there, waiting patiently for the game's bonus round to commence. The wheel, divided into 54 segments, occupies the central part of the studio. Your live host is present as well, spinning the wheel and interacting with your as the game progresses.

Outcomes and Betting Area

To start the game, you'll have to bet at least $0.10. On the other hand, wagering options will depend on your online casino. The record multiplier achieved in Monopoly Live reached a staggering 9,600x.

You have six different outcomes to bet on:

  • There are 22 ones on the wheel, awarding payouts of 1 to 1.

  • 15 twos come with a payout ratio of 2 to 1.

  • There are 7 fives, each paying 5 to 1 for a win.

  • You'll also find 4 tens, offering odds of 10 to 1.

  • Three segments feature the 2 rolls bonus.

  • A single segment comes with the 4 rolls feature.

Bonus Features

Whenever the wheel stops on 2 rolls or 4 rolls, Mr. Monopoly will jump from his armchair to take you to the bonus round. A 3D Monopoly board awaits, where you'll play the corresponding bonus round. As their names imply, the bonus rounds come in two flavors, with 2 or 4 dice rolls.

Every field on the Monopoly board comes with a multiplier. Depending on your dice roll, you can land claim a multiplier, trigger Chance, Community Chest, or go straight to jail. Mr. Monopoly also takes part in the game, advancing on the board. If you have ever played the original game, then you're surely familiar with the rules. Getting a double awards an additional dice roll, and the bonus round continues until you're all out of rolls.

After the bonus ends, the multiplier you collected will be applied to your stake.

The Chance Feature

Two segments on the wheel come with the Chance feature. If the wheel lands on this segment, players can get a cash prize or a random multiplier. Regardless of the multiplier, players always get a free spin of the wheel. The outcome of the spin will be get multiplied. It can be a number, or you can trigger 2 rolls or 4 rolls bonuses. In that case, the multiplier is applied at the end of the round. Landing on the chance several consecutive times and hitting one of the two rounds can lead to massive prizes.

Tips and Betting Strategies

There's one thing you must always keep in mind: Monopoly Live is a casino game. That means it relies on luck, and there's little you can do to affect the game's outcome. However, there are tips you can use and Monopoly strategies to implement to improve your odds of winning.

If you're looking to get more consistent wins, you should focus on playing the number. Using this approach is obvious, as the wheel features more segments with numbers than with bonus rounds. Betting on ones and twos also makes sense, as these outcomes are most likely to occur. You'll win more frequently, that's for sure, although the prizes will be smaller.

Probably the best advice we can give you when it comes to betting is to always wager on 2 rolls and 4 rolls bonus rounds. You'll improve your winning chances that way, as these features can deliver the most significant prizes. You have to make sure not to miss out on the possibilities 2 rolls, and 4 rolls offer.

Winning is fantastic, but Lady Luck won't always be on your side. That's why it's essential to know when to stop playing. If you're having a poor session, make sure to stop playing and return later. Knowing when to end your session is crucial, as it will prevent you from losing more money.

Another essential factor you have to consider when choosing your Monopoly betting strategy is volatility. A low volatility betting strategy will see you place your bets primarily on 2 rolls and 4 rolls, as well as on some numbers. On the other hand, the high volatility strategy consists of placing bigger wagers only on the two bonus rounds.

Closing Thoughts

If you've read this article carefully, you should be ready to play Monopoly Live. Remember, it's all about luck, so don't expect these tips to guarantee wins, although using them in the right way will boost your chances of getting there. No matter what happens, you'll be treated to a premium experience in a high-quality and immersive setting. If you like the Monopoly board game, you'll love what Evolution did.

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