'Mouth' vs. Negreanu as the Two Poker Icons Take on 'Living in a Free Country'

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Nagesh Rath
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It's Liberal vs. MAGA in the world of poker as Daniel Negreanu, an outspoken progressive and the game's biggest poker money earner, versus Mike "The Mouth" Matusow, a staunch supporter of former U.S. President Donald Trump.


Negreanu this week expressed his love for being "Being born in a free country is probably the biggest privilege anyone can be born with" for which Matusow asked "But is this a free country now? When they can censor or deplatform you from speech or views they disagree with in 2022?"

Mike was likely referring to social media platforms that have deplatformed right-leaning individuals, most notably the former President.

Adam Clevenger set the record straight: "Agree or not, social media platforms are private companies that can allow whatever they so choose. Kind of the definition of living in a free country."

Two-thirds of Bettors Already Bombed Out of a $6 million Vegas NFL Contest After Week 2

After two wild weeks of NFL action, even more serious gamblers are feeling the burn: Of the 6,133 participants who paid the $1,000 entry fee to compete in the survivor pool offered by the Circa Sportsbook in Las Vegas, just 2,033 remain.  The prize for winning Circa’s pool is north of $6 million.

One silver lining, according to Ryan Ermey of CNBC: The IRS allows gamblers to deduct their losses.

And if you are lucky to score a big win, it's actually good to have some losses to offset that windfall.

Just don't do what this guy did:

"Last time I was at a sportsbook in Vegas, a gentleman was roaming the room asking for losing tickets before frustrated bettors ripped them up or trashed them — he even offered to exchange free drink coupons for my losing slips.

"It turned out he’d hit a $100,000 parlay early in the year and planned to use this collection of losing bets to offset his winnings. You don’t have to be an accountant to know this strategy could get you into extremely hot water with the IRS."

The Twitch Vitriol Continues

Following the backlash on gambling in which the streaming platform announced a new policy prohibiting the live streaming of certain types of gambling, Twitch continues to see rifts between streamers. One of Twitch’s famous female streamers, Pokimane, has been accused of promoting gambling via the platform.

Corinna Kopf had tweeted an image of Pokimane, from an older video, sitting by the side of the monitor that seemingly displayed content related to gambling.

Pokimane later shot back at Corinna, accusing Kopf of doing the same.

“Now that you’ve lost your job promoting illegal crypto gambling websites, would you like to join my YouTube editing team? Is that what you’re asking here?”

Kopf herself has criticized the gambling ban, fearing it will lead to stricter prohibitions on Twitch.

“Everyone is so soft nowadays,” Kopf claimed. “You are influenced to do so many things that are not good for you financially, physically, and mentally every day.

One of these days were not going to be able to f**king drink on stream because that promotes getting drunk. We’re not gonna be able to f**king smoke on stream because that promotes whatever.”

- Nagesh Rath, Gambling911.com

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