Predictions on eSports: Analytics and Statistics for the Right Bets

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Online eSports betting is the most popular among gaming fans. Betting on the results of matches and other competitions played on world arenas is an opportunity not only for high winnings but also a chance to prove yourself as a good betting analyst.

Accurate observations on the current condition of players or the form of teams, taking into account variable factors can bring considerable profits.

When placing bets, it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the betting tips of the day and carefully read in-depth betting analysis of interesting events to increase your chances of winning. A conscious choice of the offered betting tips of the day must be preceded by a thorough study of all aspects related to the event.

Betting Analysis and Tips

Predicting the results or the course of sports matches is always subject to some kind of risk. Even placing a sure bet on the match between the league leader and the outsider with minimal odds to win does not necessarily bring a win. The whole sport is unpredictable, which is influenced by the disposition of the day, the level of commitment of players or random events. 

However, in order to make a good decision with the picks of the day, it is necessary to conduct an in-depth analysis of the potential course of the event using historical statistics and current assessments of players and teams. Yes, it is possible to bet in the style of "hit and miss", i.e., based on intuition, randomness, or worse, on the basis of the value of potential winnings, but after all, every player should care about the actual high financial win, and not only about taking risks. 

Therefore, the most important thing in the decision-making process regarding the given betting tips of the day is to get acquainted with professional betting analyses based on the knowledge of experienced observers and commentators.

How to Analyse eSports Events?

To effectively analyse eSports events, several key parameters should be considered. These parameters provide valuable insights into the teams, players, and overall dynamics of the game, helping bettors make well-informed predictions and strategic bets:

Match and tournament type and format. Different formats can influence team strategies and performance, affecting betting outcomes.

Team setup. Examine team compositions and player roles. Understanding each player's strengths and weaknesses, preferred positions, and contributions to the team's overall gameplay can be vital in predicting match results.

Schedule. Pay attention to the teams' recent match schedules. Teams that have played multiple matches in a short period may be fatigued, affecting their performance in subsequent games.

Place in the ranking. Team rankings offer an overview of their performance in the league or tournament. Higher-ranked teams may have a statistical advantage, but upsets are common in eSports, so consider various factors.

Team statistics. Analyse team statistics, such as win rates and performance on specific maps or game modes. These metrics provide valuable insights into a team's consistency and adaptability.

The psychological state of the players. The mental state of players can impact their performance. Look for any recent changes, internal conflicts, or emotional factors that might influence a team's gameplay.

Choice of characters and weapons. In games with character or weapon selection, understanding teams' preferences and strategies can help you anticipate their tactics and adaptability during matches.

Map selection. Before the start of the match, both in Dota and in Counter-Strike, teams choose which locations they will fight on. 

In Dota 2, the participants also choose characters. Already at this moment, experienced Dota 2 bettors can understand the ideas of the teams for the game: whether they want to delay it or finish it quickly; whether the players will gain an advantage in gold by destroying buildings, or they want to look for enemies on the map, thereby earning money for themselves and hindering the enemy. 

In CS: GO, after the picks and bans procedure, you can look at the statistics of teams on the selected maps, understand which of them your team will have an advantage, which side (terrorists or counter-terrorists) it prefers to play in a particular location, etc. Remember that one team in the world does not know how to play equally well on all maps. After the analysis, you can make a thoughtful live bet.

By considering these essential parameters, you can enhance your eSports event analysis and make more informed predictions when placing bets. Remember, combining statistical data with a comprehensive understanding of the game and its players can greatly improve your chances of success in the dynamic world of eSports betting.

Choose a Bookmaker for eSports Betting

The specificity of eSports makes players think about finding the best eSports bookmakers. The requirements of each bettor are individual, depending on his financial capabilities, the chosen strategy and preferences for the types of bets. 

Security is a key feature that must be provided to a player when opening an account with one of the sports betting sites. Players share their sensitive information such as contacts and banking details on the sites, so digital security should be taken seriously. Betting sites use SSL encryption and protect your data. In addition, any online gambling site offering eSports betting must be licensed and monitored by an official regulatory body.

The most exciting part of esports betting is, of course, the selection of games. First of all, check out the most popular games like CS: GO, Dota 2 and League of Legends. Also look out for newer games like Overwatch, PUBG, Valorant, etc. In terms of gaming events, look for the biggest tournaments because they are the most fascinating for live betting. 

If you are on the hunt for the best bookmaker for betting, you should just click on the link at the top and uncover a meticulously crafted list of the most reputable betting platforms in the industry. You may also dive deeper and explore comprehensive reviews for each platform, highlighting their unique strengths and potential areas for improvement.


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