Rage Against Vegas Casino Garages: Binions, Venetian Hour Long Wait to get Out

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Jagajeet Chiba
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While this may not affect tourists, Vegas locals are becoming increasingly infuriated by the current state of casino parking as it is driving them insane.

Vital Vegas Sunday night posted how he had to sit and wait a half hour to exit the Venetian parking lot, and it sure looked like there were plenty of cars still ahead of him.

"The question is, what mental deficient at the Venetian, Apollo, whoever, thinks making people wait an hour to get out of a parking garage is worth whatever revenue is generated?  $15 at a time, $10 at a time, this is absolutely absurd.  I mean, I will never come back to the Venetian again."

The reference to Apollo is the parking management company.

Responding to Vital Vegas, Angela Pflederer said it took her over an hour to escape Binions.

Jason Kotenko wrote:

"Rookie mistake, never park anywhere that exits to Koval, Venetian being the worst probably. If you have to be on the East side, Palazzo or Wynn, but I just stay on the West side for much better traffic flow."

Somehow we doubt Vital Vegas is a rookie, but good advise nonetheless we suppose.

This begs the question, wouldn't someone of Vital Vegas' stature not have known how bad the Venetian parking garage situation was long before his Memorial Day weekend visit?

Well, we can explain.

Last year, casinos began eliminating their free parking with Resorts World becoming the latest on June 1. "Elite Tier" players will get to park for free but something tells us they'll still have to get in this long line to exit.

Parking at most of the Vegas casino garages is now $15 to $20 with Resorts World charging a flat fee of $18 starting next week.

Pay-to-park means folks get to the booths, their credit cards don't work or they simply don't have the cash on hand.  Attendants perhaps do not have adequate change or take too long counting all those quarters.  This sounds worse than trying to exit the Miami International Airport garage where fourth time was finally the charm.  The previous three tickets could not be read!

The situation at the Vegas casino parking garages is so bad that folks like Vital Vegas are calling for an all-out boycott.

As of June 1, the only Las Vegas resorts to still offer free parking will be TI, Circus Circus, Casino Royale, and the Sahara.


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