Spanky Promises More Women at This Year's Bet Bash

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Jagajeet Chiba
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Let's face it, BetBash is one of the best things to happen to the world of sports betting networking events.  Not that there was such a thing before Gadoon “Spanky” Kyrollos invented it.  But Spanky is quite frank in admitting BetBash has become one big sausage fest. 


“I’m trying to bring in more females,” Spanky admitted during a heated discussion on Twitter Spaces Friday night.

Some of this perhaps...


Maybe a little of this...


Or what about....


Yuck!  Well, it was good while it lasted.  Poor Sparky Collins must be rolling over in his grave with us posting this pic again.

As Joe Brennan Jr. (above) can attest to (he's the one on the right), at least the old Miami Beach parties had plenty of "women" (in quotes).

Anna from Hawaiian Tropics brought along her crew and even got the Super Bowl winner correct with her Giants prediction that year as she flashed her boobs on camera (at Joe).

We've even had the amazing - Costa Rica's very own - Vinna Rouge perform at some of our parties....before she snipped that thang off and preserved it in a jar. 


The ratio of women and trannies to guys at a Gambling911 party was about 10 to 1 compared to half of a half percent to one at BetBash, or you stand a better chance of getting struck by lightning two times and hitting that six team parlay at DraftKings for $300,000 without having your limits cut to $24, than you do getting laid at a BetBash event.

Until now....

Leave it to Spanky in 2024 to come up with a novel concept to convert Bet Bash from a spank bank to....well, you get where we are going....

Comp the females.

Not all of them....but one is a good start.

Some took issue with Spanky comping a gentleman he referred to as his partner (some guy named "Fatso") who promised to help bring a beautiful female poker player to the event because, as Spanky put it, "I don't know the poker world".

As far as comps go, Spanky insisted during the live Twitter Spaces session that it's just not right to charge people who bring something to the table.  He made mention of having our friend, gaming attorney I. Nelson Rose, comped as he’ll be speaking and offering valuable insight.

All Hell broke loose because others in the Twitter Space resented "Fatso" being comped.  It was like a really bad "Real Housewives" episode to be honest.  We left before they started throwing things.

This mysterious bombshell female poker pro just better not be Mike "The Mouth" Matusow in a wig!!!!


The amazing Circa Casino and Sportsbook will once again be hosting this year’s BetBash.  Maybe Spanky should just head on down to the Stadium pool and grab some females from there.

Circa is already getting into the spirit we see below...Introducing Vinna Rouge's sister, Jorge.

And speaking of Spanky, he appears to have forced gaming operators in Massachusetts to do an about face in regard to talking reduced limits with regulators in that state. 

You might recall that every single sportsbook operator gave MA regulators the one finger salute during a planned round table discussion on the matter…. They did so by simply not attending. 

Spanky advised recently that regulators are taking limits seriously and - Voilà - suddenly they’re all-in.

This Year's BetBash Schedule

    Tuesday 8/6
        Early Morning - Golf Tournament
        Late Afternoon - Poker Tournament
        Evening - Open Bar Registration Cocktail Party
    Wednesday 8/7
        Late Morning - Speed Networking
        Early Afternoon - Seminars
        Evening - Open Bar Cocktail Party
    Thursday 8/8
        Late Morning / Early Afternoon - Seminars
        Evening - Stadium Swim / Circa Sportsbook Open Bar Watch Party
    Friday 8/9
        Morning - Expert Panels (Lunch Buffet Included)
        Evening - Sports Gambling Hall of Fame
        Late Evening - Legacy Club VIP Cocktail Party
        Late Evening - Bring Out Mr. Sock Puppet (Again, Sigh)

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