US Presidential Election 2024: Harris, Biden & Trump Head The Betting

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The media stir caused by President Trump’s 4 year term seems to have calmed down somewhat, yet US Politics continues to draw global attention.

The 46th President of the United States Joe Biden will serve his term until Tuesday, November 5, 2024, when the 60th quadrennial presidential election will take place — will Biden extend his term, or could the Republicans regain control of the White House?

Will Biden get a Second Term?

Joe Biden has been in the news recently with the G7 Summit in Cornwall, as well as his move to revoke the TikTok ban imposed by the Trump administration. While Biden doesn’t look to be making waves in the geopolitical scene, he does seem to have brought some much needed order to American society. He’s already commanding a 41% approval rate from the American public for his term so far. But, we’re still in his first year. What may unfold in the coming years?


Well, Joe Biden is 78 years old, older than Ronald Reagan when he left the White House. Joe Biden has spent the vast majority of his career vying for a seat in the White House. But, finally finding his way to the position of POTUS, will he walk away without pushing for a second term?


Kamala Harris for President


Vice President Kamala Harris is currently trading at +400 in the betting odds to win the 2024 presidential election across the vast majority of online sportsbooks in the US. After all, it was Biden himself who made a statement claiming he would be the “bridge” to a younger generation of politics—and the choice of Kamala Harris as Vice President certainly points to the possibility he will bow out to her.

Sportsbetting is legal in much of the USA, and those who like to gamble (and those who don’t!) will often bet a lot of money on elections.

Here’s the latest betting odds on who will be the next US president in 2024:

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Kamala Harris is a very strong candidate. So much so that the odds makers are also projecting her to become president of the United States by 2040 at very favorable odds of +125 and a two-term president by the end of 2040 at +250.

Harris is without question the strongest Democrat around right now, with recent polls showing her as 33% very favorable as of June 2021.

For a novelty bet, how about odds of +3300 for Michelle Obama to be moving her stuff back into the White House, the same price as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.


Who else is in the running for 2024?


As far as Republican candidates go, it’s ex-Vice President Mike Pence (+2000) who is getting all the attention at the moment. Though, this is mainly because no other candidate is showing much in the way of public interest—aside from of course Mr Trump.

The almost cult-like following Donald Trump managed to gain during his time in office hasn’t subsided. While the media may have taken a backseat on things, his followers are as strong as ever and seem to think he’ll be back in office even before 2024. At odds of +700 with some Vegas sportsbooks he’s worth a look if you fancy The Donald to serve a second term.


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