Why Mobile Esports Are the Future of iGaming

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In a fundamental sense, esports and iGaming appear to be made for one another. Both represent the digital successor to a legacy brick-and-mortar industry, and both have enjoyed significant and ongoing growth over the past decade.

Yet while iGaming has already decidedly supplanted other forms of sports betting in terms of market scale, esports is still relatively new on the scene and still has some things to prove.

Yet in spite of this, betting on esports competitions has seen phenomenal growth on leading bookies, and the digital nature of the product means that the potential for line betting and other novel wagers speaks to a level of interactivity that legacy sports will never be able to match. This alone is enough reason to suppose that esports – in their increasingly dominant mobile variant – is the future of the iGaming market. But if you need any further convincing, consider these points below.

The Smartphone Platform Already Host Real Money Experiences

A further compelling reason for why the mobile branch of competitive gaming looks set to become a dominant component of the broader iGaming industry is that the smartphone platform has already long been home to a number of real money gaming services. Among these one can find the ever-popular world of Daily Fantasy Sports, with leading names in this sector now increasingly deriving the majority of their player-base from sports fans accessing from mobile apps and web browsers.

Furthermore, the world of online casinos – the fastest growing wing of the global casino industry – has long doubled down on a commitment to providing mobile-optimized services. The case for this is easy to understand, as the smartphone platform is now the dominant means by which people access digital experiences. In light of this, dedicated platforms like www.vegasslotsonline.com have come to serve as valuable directories that collate leading online casinos, boosting organic discovery. What’s more, sites such as these have made a name for themselves by furnishing casino gamers with a huge array of sign-up deals, welcome bonus and other promotions for use with mobile-optimized casinos. The enormous success of this model has smoothed the way for the adoption of mobile esports oriented sports betting on both Android and iOS.

The Fastest Growing Sector of the World’s Fastest Growing Sport

It’s remarkable to consider just how successful the esports phenomenon has become over the past few years. This set of circumstances was the result of the sector reaching a maturation point in development at precisely the same moment that global events resulted in the widespread cancellation of legacy sports competitions and tournaments. With esports’ predominantly remote nature, it was comparatively unaffected, and was able to step into the vacuum this situation created to establish itself as a major new global mainstream sport.

That esports remains the fastest growing sport in the world is doubly impressive when one pauses to consider its competition. Since the 2017 acquisition of Formula 1’s broadcasting rights by www.libertymedia.com, the world’s premier motorsport has nearly doubled in revenues – boosted by the widespread success of popular Netflix docu-series Drive to Survive and the growing interest in the sport in the United States, a market the championship has historically struggled to break into.

Elsewhere, UFC has gone from strength to strength and has effectively displaced boxing as the world’s premier prestige fighting sport with huge broadcasting and sponsorship deals around the world. Cricket, also, has catapulted itself into the limelight following the foundation of the IPL T20 League, whose broadcast rights are now the second most valuable in the world behind only the NFL.

Yet in spite of this, esports is the class of the field, and mobile esports quickly emerged as the major growth area. That’s because while legacy esports like League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are incredibly popular, they require expensive gaming PCs to run. Where mobile esports has a distinct edge is that anyone can pick up and play, meaning the number of spectators and players accessing popular mobile esports like www.pubgmobile.com, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Arena of Valor is far outpacing the rate of growth of the PC segment.

Many analysts believe it won’t be long before mobile esports emerge as the definitive leading concern among the sport’s various formats, with the majority of sports bets being placed on leading esports competitions today already concerning the mobile category.

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