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These are your hot trending top stories for today July 4, 2024.   Joe Biden Crisis, Kamala Harris Gains Ground, Bitcoin Falls, Tori Minister Probed for Placing Bets Gets Knighthood, NYRA and FanDuel Having Falling Out, Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest, Betr Mocked.



Tory Minister Who Bet on Election Date Gets Knighthood From Rishi Sunak

In what could be his final act as PM, Rishi Sunak handed a knighthood to Alister Jack as well as peerages to failed Tory ex-minister Chris Grayling and former PM Theresa May.

The Mirror was among the first to report that a flurry of bets were placed on a July 4 date for the poll in the week before Mr Sunak named the actual date. According to Data from Smarkets, thousands of pounds were waged from May 14, coincidentally the day after an election planning meeting was held at Tory HQ. The date was then announced on May 22.  Jack was among those who admitted to placing bets.

A member of the PM’s ­protection team has also been arrested, bailed and suspended “on suspicion of ­misconduct in public office” for ­allegedly betting on the poll date.

A knighthood is a title that is given to a man by a British king or queen for his achievements or his service to his country.

The move comes as the Tories were getting ravaged in this week's elections.


Gambling Companies

NYRA, FanDuel Cut Ties

NYRA and FanDuel have reached a contractual impasse, leading to the immediate removal of NYRA content from FanDuel's wagering platforms. Negotiations are ongoing, with NYRA emphasizing the importance of the sport's health in New York. FanDuel expressed regret over the inconvenience to customers but declined to agree to new terms they deemed inconsistent with prior agreements. NYRA content remains available through other platforms like NYRABets and CaesarsRacebook.


“NYRA provides the racing content that fuels the profits of out-of-state ADWs like TVG/FanDuel,” said Tony Allevato, NYRA Chief Revenue Officer. “NYRA must prioritize the overall health of the sport and broader industry here in New York and we will continue negotiations to seek an equitable resolution so that our racing is widely available nationally.”

“New York's horse owners are deeply invested in making the NYRA racing product the best in the country,” said Tina Bond, President, New York Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association. “We staunchly agree that fair compensation for that investment is absolutely imperative. If the New York thoroughbred industry thrives, we all benefit.”

“NYRA is working to broaden the economic benefits flowing to New York’s horse racing industry, and our membership supports these efforts in every way,” said Najja Thompson, Executive Director, New York Thoroughbred Breeders. “The funds generated by ADWs carrying NYRA support breeding farms throughout the state, and we stand shoulder to shoulder with NYRA.”


Joe Biden Crisis

Nate Silver Explains Just How Bad the Polls Are for Biden - The Times’ chief political analyst reflected on the unique challenges facing the President, whether it’s still possible for President Joe Biden to launch a comeback, and what the polls can tell us, if anything, about the electability of other Democratic Presidential candidates.  He tells The New Yorker:

“Joe Biden is a badly wounded candidate whom voters dislike, and who voters think isn’t capable of handling the Presidency. And while Donald Trump isn’t a political juggernaut by any stretch, and is maybe every bit as weak as he was four years ago, at least at the moment, Joe Biden does not have the broad appeal necessary to take advantage of it. “

He added:  “in terms of the question of whether he should be the Party’s nominee—regarding Democratic voters, I think that there is room for him to keep falling.

“There are no precedents in recent memory for Presidents to have approval ratings like Biden’s who then go on to win reëlection. Donald Trump in 2020 is the closest example and even his approval ratings were usually in the forties.

“Yeah, I think the trend line is really telling here. It’s one thing for Biden to have a low approval rating. It’s another thing for his approval rating to be in secular decline. His approval rating is a net ten points worse than it was in November, 2022 when inflation was much much higher and when he didn’t have the benefit of running against Donald Trump, who since then has been indicted on many charges, and has also been convicted of crimes in New York.”

In regard to the GOP presumptive Donald Trump and his current 6-point lead over Biden, Silver offered: “No Republican has had a six-point lead in national polling since George W. Bush in September of 2004. Perhaps Donald Trump can lead by even more than that, but we haven’t seen it so far in his campaigns.   



Joe Biden Crisis  

Biden Commits to Staying in the Race But at What Cost? President Joe Biden has reaffirmed his commitment to run for re-election in 2024, despite growing concerns about his cognitive health and declining support within the Democratic Party. Discussions among party leaders and media outlets suggest that if Biden were to withdraw, Vice President Kamala Harris would likely become the nominee. However, Harris's potential candidacy is also met with skepticism due to her perceived challenges in winning a general election. The debate over Biden's fitness for office and the potential replacement options highlights a significant rift within the Democratic Party as it prepares for the upcoming election.

Gambling Companies

Betr Mocked for Jake Paul Firing Promo Guy After Someone Hits for $60K

Joe Brennan of Prime Sports mocked Jake Paul after tweeting he was going to be firing the guy who came up with a new baseball promotion at his own sportsbook Betr after someone hit for $60K.  Brennan said "If you can’t take a 60k hit, stick to boxing 50 year old retirees", the implication being that $60K is not very much when it comes to "real" sportsbooks.  Ouch!

But it's far worse maybe.  The company's $24,600 loss back in May was its largest in Ohio, as it finished with a minus-11.1% hold on $220,700 worth of wagers.  So $60,000 is, well, a big hit for this particular book.  The book refers to itself as the first ever microbetting book.  $60K is not exactly a microbet!


Bitcoin Falls  

Bitcoin's value dropped to a two-month low of $57,000.  ETF hype fading, German government asset liquidation, and other market factors likely spooking the sector.  The token stormed to an all-time high of above $70,000 in March this year after the approval of the first U.S. spot bitcoin ETF.  Minutes from the Federal Reserve’s June meeting showed officials are reluctant to lower interest rates until additional data shows inflation moving toward the central bank’s 2% target.

Gambling Companies

Rivers Casino Hit With Nearly Half a Million in Fines

Rivers Casino Portsmouth has again agreed to pay a hefty fine following a slew of violations the Virginia Lottery spotted last year and earlier this year.  These included a $545,000 fine in two settlements. One was reached in September and resulted in a $40,000 fine, and the other was reached in May at a cost of $505,000.  In September, it was discovered that underage people in August had been granted access to the 24/7 casino floor.  Those on the state's self-inclusion list were also permitted to enter.  The probe additionally concluded that the Rivers Casino Portsmouth surveillance team lacked adequate controls to supervise the casino properly.

Competitive Eating  

Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest  

Miki Sudo has won her 10th Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest, setting a new women's record by consuming 51 hot dogs and buns. This victory marks her dominance in the women's division, having won the last 10 competitions she has entered. Despite the absence of Joey Chestnut, the men's division winner for 16 out of the last 17 years, due to a sponsorship dispute, Sudo's performance has been highlighted as a significant achievement in competitive eating.


2024 World Series of Poker Hall of Fame Nominees Announced

The 2024 World Series of Poker Hall of Fame nominees have been announced. Two newcomers join the list.  These includes: Barny Boatman and "Miami" John Cernuto.  They join the likes of Mike "The Mouth" Matusow, who is nominated for the 10th straight year. 


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