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These are your hot trending top stories for today July 7, 2024.   Biden Crisis, WSOP, Bitcoin Plunge, Robbery at Roma Deli Owned By Todd Brunson, Frugal Princess Undergoes Brain Surgery More...


NFL Gambling Scandal

Jets Cornerback Sauce Gardner Seen Hanging Out With Philly Mobster Raises Eyebrows

New York Jets cornerback Ahmad "Sauce" Gardner was spotted hanging out with a Philly mob boss during the Fourth of July Thursday.  Folks on X immediately expressed concerns over potential conflicts when it comes to the NFL gambling policy, especially considering said mobster has served time for sports betting related crimes. 

Joseph "Skinny" Merlino plead guilty to an illegal betting charge in 2018, just two weeks before the U.S. Supreme Court ruled to abolish The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA).  Two years ago, Merlino was reportedly in talks with Barstool Sports to do a podcast.  At the time, Barstool Sports was in the process of becoming a sportsbook, later rebranded by Penn Entertainment as ESPN Bet.

The NFL - and other professional sports leagues - are dealing with numerous gambling scandals right now, the MLB and NBA included. So the optics here are not very good, to say the least.


Trump to Unveil VP Pick at RNC Fundraiser

Former President Donald Trump is expected to announce his Vice Presidential running mate on July 18th, 2024, during a fundraiser event at the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee. There has been widespread speculation and discussion among social media users and political commentators about the potential candidates, although no official confirmation has been made by Trump or his team regarding the identity of the chosen candidate.

Current Odds at BetOnline

Doug Burgum +125

JD Vance +275

Tim Scott +1000

Ben Carson +1000

Marco Rubio +1000

Vivek Ramaswamy +1400

Glenn Youngkin +1400

Tulsi Gabbard +2000

Elise Stefanak +2200


Joe Biden Crisis

Biden Gains Ground in Some Critical Battleground States Despite Calls to Exit Race

President Joe Biden has improved his standing in key battleground states, leading in Michigan and Wisconsin, and within the margin of error in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, and North Carolina, according to a recent Bloomberg News/Morning Consult poll. Despite these gains, Biden's overall approval ratings have hit a new low, with a significant portion of the electorate expressing disapproval. The race remains highly competitive, with both candidates within striking distance of victory in several crucial states.

Current Swing State Odds at BetOnline

Arizona - Republicans -250

Georgia - Republicans -600

Michigan - Republicans -130, Democrats -110

Nevada - Republicans -125

Pennsylvania - Democrats -120

Wisconsin - Republicans -150

Biden Commits to Staying in the Race But at What Cost? President Joe Biden has reaffirmed his commitment to run for re-election in 2024, despite growing concerns about his cognitive health and declining support within the Democratic Party. Discussions among party leaders and media outlets suggest that if Biden were to withdraw, Vice President Kamala Harris would likely become the nominee. However, Harris's potential candidacy is also met with skepticism due to her perceived challenges in winning a general election. The debate over Biden's fitness for office and the potential replacement options highlights a significant rift within the Democratic Party as it prepares for the upcoming election.

Las Vegas

Beloved Frugal Vegas Columnist Undergoes Brain Surgery

"This is Angela, Jean's daughter, the 'Frugal Princess' and I want to update you on what's going on with Jean. As most of you are aware, Brad is in Memory Care and adjusting well, but now Mom has her own medical struggles that are requiring brain surgery which is scheduled for tomorrow (Saturday). She's in the hospital now, but we won't know how serious this is until after the surgery. She wanted you all to know that she will be unable to post for awhile and I will update her Facebook as I get more information. She wants me to tell you that she is aware that this is not an Advantage Play, and the percentages just aren't what she likes to see, but she is optimistic that she will hit a JACKPOT and get back to over 100%!"

Jean Scott is known for her column "Frugal Vegas", appearing on until last year when she signed off one last time.  Scott has appeared on "48 Hours" and still offers regular updates via social media such as Facebook.

Jean was laughing and feeling good on Sunday following the surgery, we are happy to report.



Two Poker Players Robbed at Restaurant Owned By Todd Brunson

Two poker players say their car was broken into in broad daylight & around $15k stolen outside a Las Vegas Italian restaurant. And it appears the neighboring district has a history of these incidents, per

Poker player and former PokerNews editor Mo Nuwwarah says he was one of two victims of a car break-in outside the Roma Deli in the Chinatown District of Las Vegas.  The Roma Deli is owned by Todd Brunson, son of the late great poker legend Doyle Brunson.

Nuwwarah was informed by an employee of the restaurant that the car he had been picked up in at the airport had been broken into.  Nuwwarah's bag full of money had been taken.

The car belonged to friend and poker player Josh Reichard.  It wasn't immediately clear what items, if any, belonging to Reichard were stolen.  His one window had been smashed in. 

No police report was immediately filed, as Nuwwarah explained, because police claimed they could not file a crime report until Reichard was available as the owner of the car, and that didn't occur until Friday morning.

"Just a sick feeling to walk out there to a smashed car and know not only your cash but your personal effects are likely gone for good," Nuwwarah said. "Unfortunately if this was a targeted attack as it seems I have to advise people against parking their cars there or take anything valuable inside with them at the least.

"And if people are out on the prowl hunting for unsuspecting poker players, then that goes for any establishment. Hopefully, these scumbags can never steal another red cent, and if they do, they get caught at some point."


Series Previews

Mets @ Pirates - The Mets are playing better than the Pirates of late and have had the upper hand in the series recently, posting a 6-1 record against Pittsburgh.  Each of the slated Mets starters have pitched well against the Pirates current roster. Luis Servino, scheduled to start on Friday, has conceded just two runs with a 3-0 record in 17 career innings against the Pirates.

Red Sox @ Yankees - The Yankees struggles of late are real.  They've only won two of their last ten games.  Boston has been playing quite well of late.  This series taking place in New York assures value for the Red Sox each game while the Yankees remain in a vulnerable spot.  Boston has won six of the last ten games in this series.

Giants @ Guardians - San Francisco has won five of the last six in this series dating back to 2022.  After a sluggish start, San Francisco seems to be making up for lost time of late while the Guardians are struggling just a bit.

Orioles @ Athletics - Baltimore is 7-3 in the series over the last ten games.  They've won six of their last eight.  Oakland has won three straight games but that was against the Angels.


Bitcoin Falls  

Over $170 Billion Wiped Off Cryptocurrencies as Market Tanks on Mt. Gox Bitcoin Payout Fears

Bitcoin’s price fell under $55,000 for the first time since February.  It recovered a bit on Saturday, climbing above the $58,000 mark.

At one point in time, the entire cryptocurrency market shed more than $170 billion in combined market capitalization in the last 24 hours.

On Friday, the trustee for the Mt. Gox bankruptcy estate said it had begun making repayments in bitcoin and bitcoin cash to some of the creditors.

The trustee for the Mt. Gox bankruptcy estate, Nobuaki Kobayashi, says he is still working to ensure repayments “can be made safely and securely,” Kobayashi wrote, urging “eligible rehabilitation creditors to wait for a while.”

Mt. Gox was one the leading crypto exchange, handling over 70% of bitcoin transactions in the early years.  Customers have waited nearly ten years for payments following a 2014 hacking that led the cryptocurrency exchange into bankruptcy.   At one point it handled nearly 70% of all bitcoin transactions.

News of the repayments added selling pressure on bitcoin and the broader crypto market after Mt. Gox announced last month.

What price will $BTC dip below before August? 

That's the question being posed at Polymarket heading into the weekend with 42% or +138 odds that Bitcoin's price drops below the $50,000 mark before August.  The price was somewhat stabilized heading into Saturday, sitting at between $56,000 and $57,000.

This market will immediately resolve to “Yes” if any Binance 1 minute candle for Bitcoin BTC-USDT between 2024/06/10 00:00 and 2024/07/31 23:59 in the ET timezone has a final “Low” price of 49,999.99 or less. Otherwise, this market will resolve to "No".

Casino Reviews

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