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These are your hot trending top stories for today July 9, 2024.   Biden Crisis, Copa America, Miley Cyrus Super Bowl Halftime Show, More...



Miley Cyrus Rumored to Be Headlining the Super Bowl Halftime Show: What Are the Odds?

Miley Cyrus is rumored to headline the Super Bowl halftime show in 2025, sparking excitement among fans who are suggesting potential setlists. And the oddsmakers? They're excited too. The Super Bowl halftime show is one of the most wagered on prop bets featuring everything from first song to whether the performing artist shows cleavage (she will, it's Milley).

Fans are proposing a mix of her popular hits like 'Flowers,' 'Party in the USA,' 'Wrecking Ball,' and 'The Climb,' along with mashups and special features including collaborations with artists like Dolly Parton and Gloria Gaynor. The anticipation for her potential performance has led to diverse and creative setlist ideas from her fanbase.

Cyrus was believed to have been among the finalists to perform at last year's Super Bowl halftime show.

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Tony Hawk to Headline SBC Summit in Benfica, Lisbon

SBC Summit announced Tuesday that skateboarding legend Tony Hawk will be headlining their show in Lisbon this September. 

Previously taking place in Barcelona, the conference has moved to Lisbon.

The supercharged evolution of SBC Summit will feature 450+ speakers, an electric exhibition floor spanning a whopping 100,000m2, and an opportunity to connect with 25,000 industry professionals.


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NFL Licensing its Brands to Online Mobile Slot Game

The NFL is the first U.S. sports league to license its intellectual property to a physical casino game, and now they'll be doing the same for a mobile slot game developed by Aristocrat.

Awful Announcing writes:

"The NFL’s move to insert its logos into slot games would have not so long ago been completely unthinkable. But the 2018 Supreme Court ruling allowing legalized sports gambling nationwide unleashed sports leagues and teams into the betting world.

"What stands out about the mobile slot game, and the earlier deal with Aristocrat, is slots is a casino game, not sports betting. Heretofore NFL gambling deals were largely with sportsbooks, though some teams have had sponsorships with Native American casinos."


Kalshi Inflation Comparisons


Copa America - Argentina vs. Canada, Uruguay vs. Colombia Betting Previews

Copa America Argentina vs. Canada Prop Bets

Copa America
Argentina vs Canada Tue, Jul 09, 2024 EST
Rot     Correct Score     MoneyLine
1001     Argentina 1-0         +500
1002     Argentina 2-0         +500
1003     Argentina 2-1         +900
1004     Argentina 3-0         +750
1005     Argentina 3-1         +1400
1006     Argentina 3-2         +4000
1007     Argentina 4-0         +1600
1008     Argentina 4-1         +2500
1009     Argentina 4-2         +5000
1010     Argentina 4-3         +20000
1011     Argentina 5-0         +3300
1012     Canada 1-0         +1800
1013     Canada 2-0         +4000
1014     Canada 2-1         +2800
1015     Canada 3-0         +12500
1016     Canada 3-1         +8000
1017     Canada 3-2         +8000
1019     Canada 4-1         +40000
1020     Canada 4-2         +40000
1021     Canada 4-3         +50000
1023     Draw 0-0         +850
1024     Draw 1-1         +850
1025     Draw 2-2         +2800
1026     Draw 3-3         +10000
All wagers have action. Others on Request.
Rot     Half Time ~ Full Time     MoneyLine
1028     Argentina - Argentina         +105
1029     Argentina - Draw         +1800
1030     Argentina - Canada         +5000
1031     Draw - Argentina         +300
1032     Draw - Draw         +550
1033     Draw - Canada         +1800
1034     Canada - Argentina         +2500
1035     Canada - Draw         +2200
1036     Canada - Canada         +1800
Rot     Winning Margin     MoneyLine
1040     Argentina by 1         +250
1041     Argentina by 2         +300
1042     Argentina by 3         +500
1043     Argentina by 4 or more         +700
1044     Canada by 1         +1000
1045     Canada by 2         +3300
1046     Canada by 3         +10000
1047     Canada by 4 or more         +40000
1048     Score Draw         +600
1049     No Goal         +800

Copa America Uruguay vs. Colombia Prop Bets

Rot     Anytime Goalscorer     MoneyLine
1200     Darwin Nunez         +200
1201     Luis Diaz         +250
1202     Jhon Cordoba         +300
1203     Luis Suarez         +300
1204     Miguel Borja         +350
1205     Rafael Santos Borre         +350
1206     Brian Rodriguez         +400
1207     James Rodriguez         +400
1208     Jhon Duran         +400
1209     Luis Sinisterra         +400
1210     Nicolas De la Cruz         +400
1211     Yaser Asprilla         +400
1212     Juan Quintero         +450
1213     Brian Ocampo         +500
1214     Maximiliano Araujo         +500
1215     Agustin Canobbio         +550
1216     Cristian Olivera         +550
1217     Facundo Pellistri         +550
1218     Federico Valverde         +550
1219     Jhon Arias         +550
1220     No Goalscorer         +550

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NFL Gambling Scandal

'Sauce' Says Nothing to See Here After Pic Shown With Him and Mobster

New York Jets cornerback Ahmad "Sauce" Gardner came under fire over the weekend after a photo emerged of him appearing beside a Philadelphia mobster during 4th of July celebrations in South Florida.

"Sauce" responded over the weekend that the two are not "hanging out.''

Dov Kleiman tweeted out the photo and suggestion that the two were "hanging out".

Sauce tweeted back: "Dov, it's funny because I know that you know I wasn't "hanging out" with him. Rent must be due eh ?"


JD Vance VP Odds Surging


Joe Biden Crisis

Joe Biden's odds to be re-elected continue to shorten at BetOnline, now +275.  This is down from +700 at one point last week.  That's some pretty good news for the Biden campaign.

The news hasn't gotten much better in recent days either as more democrats defect, calling for Biden to exit the race.

Much of the talk Monday surrounded Biden potentially having Parkinson's Disease.  The White House insists he does not.  But reports were circulating that a Parkinsons specialist had visited the White House on ten separate occasions.


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