5 Wagering Tips To Follow For The Belmont Stakes 2022

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The Belmont Stakes, or also known as the “Test of the Champion,” is one of the oldest and longest legs of the Triple Crown. The race is traditionally scheduled to commence in the beginning of June, five weeks after the Kentucky Derby and then three weeks after the Preakness Stakes in Maryland. Its position as the final leg of the Triple Crown has left a lasting impression.

In addition to being the last leg of the Triple Crown, the Belmont Stakes, Presented by NYRA Bets, is well-known for being so much more. The anticipated day of racing at New York’s Belmont Park piqued the interest of many due to its history, fun facts, betting advice, and other information.

For bettors, below are some steps  you can implement during the race or combine with your current strategy to increase your odds of winning.

Be Wise About Your Budget

A good betting game requires a considerable amount of money, so you must budget wisely. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you must carefully consider your expenses.


Before establishing a bankroll for wagering, you must satisfy your primary needs. It will help you avoid risking your daily expenses, which must go towards your necessities. Consider the amount of each wager you make, and instead of wagering all of your money on the most expensive races, start betting on the less expensive ones.

The Jockey’s Experience

The Belmont track is one and one-half miles long. Most major tracks are one mile long. The lengthier the oval, the longer the turns and the stretches. If a jockey is unfamiliar with the track, he may make the critical mistake of making his move as he would on any other track. If the horse moves around the final turn, he is faced with a significantly longer stretch than usual, which can lead to severe exhaustion, and losing the race.


Skipping The Jackpot Bets 

Whether you wager online or physically in some states, it's the same odds and lines for you to wager on the Belmont Stakes this season. Before placing bets, be sure to compare the odds and take your time.


Online bookies used to offer jackpot wagers that offered substantial payouts. Although it is possible to win a significant amount of money, the odds are low. You can avoid placing jackpot wagers to save money and time. Return to simple and straight wagers to maintain your rhythm.

Choosing a Winning Horse

In the Belmont Stakes, a mile and a half is a very long distance for the horses to run. The three-year-old horses in the Belmont Stakes are trained and qualified for these races; however, you should be able to pick the one that will finish the race with flying colors. Before placing a wager on any horse in this race, you must be confident that the horse will finish on its feet.


There are two crucial ways to gain confidence rapidly. First, if the sire or dam sire won a Triple Crown race, a Breeders’ Cup race that did not occur in the spring, or another primary race, then the horse is likely well-prepared for the challenge. Second, if the horse has been gaining ground in the final stages of races, which is a positive sign.

Don’t Forget Betting On The Favorites

The Belmont Stakes this year is presented in a remarkable and unexpected set-up, and you may have limited time to place worthy wagers. The easiest way on how to bet on the belmont stakes odds and win that bet is to identify a potential winner early on. These early winners are called the favorites. These horses are eager to win the race in addition to receiving favorable odds.


According to the current field set-up for the Belmont Stakes, only sixteen horses are permitted to compete at Belmont Park. It comprises the first eight runners, the next five runners, and the last three runners. It is best to choose a method like a bet on the favorites, as they have a greater chance of prevailing.

Final Thoughts

Betting on the upcoming Belmont Stakes allows you to earn money if you consider the tips above. If you’re interested in betting on the Belmont Stakes, don’t hesitate to use the tips to bring home as much money as possible; the tips in this article can benefit both novice and experienced horse racing bettors.


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