Is PrizePicks Legal in Arizona?

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Don Shapiro
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PrizePicks is fully legal in the great state of Arizona.  Do be sure to check out all the latest consensus handicapper plays, not just for the day's games but also for individual players.  The latter is especially important where playing with PrizePicks is concerned.


Where Else Can I Play on Prizepicks?

Traveling outside Arizona?  No worries.  PrizePicks is available in most (not all) US states.

PrizePicks is available to residents 18+ in AK, AR, CA, CO, DC, FL, GA, IL, KS, KY, MI, MN, NE, NM, NC, ND, OK, OR, RI, SC, SD, TX, UT, VT, VA, WI, WY. 19+ in AL. 21+ in AZ, MA.

How Does PrizePicks Work

Simply put, PrizePicks offers a hybrid daily fantasy sports platform that is the closest thing to sports betting without requiring a license to operate as a gambling establishment. You will submit entries for multiple players to reach a set Over/Under goal.  The more players selected, the greater the cash prize, but also the longer the odds.  All the players must come through for your entry to be a winner.  The PrizePicks model mostly resembles parlays in sports betting, just with lower payouts and only involves players, not the actual games.

Comparing Odds vs. the Sportsbook

When entering your picks at PrizePicks you may wish to compare with potential payouts for individual player wagers at your favorite sportsbook.

Below are samplings for the Arizona Diamondbacks on May 31, 2023 in their game versus the Colorado Rockies.

The minus (-) sign indicates the risk will be higher than the reward.  -125, for example, means you will bet $12.50 to win $10.  That $12.50 is refunded and the $10 paid out just as long as your bet is a winner. The important thing to remember here is that only one selection is required to win, as opposed to PrizePicks where multiple selections are required.

Rot     Tommy Henry (ARI) Total Outs     Moneyline
703     Over  15½  Outs     -105
704     Under  15½  Outs     -125
Must Start
Rot     Tommy Henry (ARI) Total Strikeouts     Moneyline
707     Over  3½  Strikeouts     -140
708     Under  3½  Strikeouts     Ev
Must Start
Rot     Tommy Henry (ARI) Total Earned Runs     Moneyline
711     Over  2½  Earned Runs     -110
712     Under  2½  Earned Runs     -120
Must Start
Rot     Tommy Henry (ARI) Total Hits Allowed     Moneyline
715     Over  5½  Hits Allowed     +110
716     Under  5½  Hits Allowed     -150

Player Performance Doubles

While these types of wagers require to separate outcomes to occur, the payouts can be especially generous.  These involve a player result plus a team result.  For T Henry to record 6+ Strikeouts and the Diamondbacks to win, the payout is $35 for every $10 bet.

Rot     Player Performance Doubles     Moneyline
927     D Lamet 4+ Strikeouts / Rockies to win         +200
928     D Lamet 5+ Strikeouts / Rockies to win         +300
929     D Lamet 6+ Strikeouts / Rockies to win         +500
930     T Henry 4+ Strikeouts / Diamondbacks to win         +125
931     T Henry 5+ Strikeouts / Diamondbacks to win         +200
932     T Henry 6+ Strikeouts / Diamondbacks to win         +350

Player to Hit a Home Run

The payouts here start at $43 for every $10 bet (Christian Walker +430).

1101     Christian Walker         +430
1102     Corbin Carroll         +500
1103     Randal Grichuk         +450
1104     Kris Bryant         +540
1105     Ryan McMahon         +560
1106     Elias Diaz         +560
1107     Pavin Smith         +600
1108     Brenton Doyle         +600
1109     Ketel Marte         +620
1110     Jurickson Profar         +700
1111     Lourdes Gurriel         +750
1112     Ezequiel Tovar         +800

2023-24 Futures Bet Payouts

The Arizona Diamondbacks will pay out $500 for every $10 bet to win the 2023 World Series as of June 1.

- Don Shapiro,

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