ESPN Bet Makes Biggest Move in Kansas, DraftKings Over $1B Handle

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Gilbert Horowitz
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Dec/14/2023 has all your gambling news pertaining to the great state of Kansas including all things sports betting.


ESPN Bet Biggest Mover in Kansas

TOPEKA, KS ( - The Kansas Lottery continues to provide an excellent glimpse into the sports betting industry there over the past 15 months since regulation.

Christopher Boan of the Group noted that ESPN Bet was the biggest mover this past month.  The site is operated by Penn National and recently rebranded to ESPN Bet from Barstool Sports.

DraftKings was the only site to cross over the billion dollar threshold in terms of sports betting handle.  Not bad for a state with an adult population just shy of 2 million.

DraftKings number was $1 billion and some change followed by FanDuel at $740.4 million and BetMGM at $290.2 million.  Penn National's ESPN Bet came in at $150.7 million just after Caesars at $171.9 million.  Since launching as ESPN Bet, however, the site has enjoyed high exposure on the ESPN affiliated networks.  This should prove huge with college basketball in full swing and the Kansas Jayhawks having the 3rd shortest odds to win the 2024 NCAA Men's College Basketball Championship.  Kansas State and Wichita State are off to good starts to this new season as well.  Kansas ranks among the top college basketball states.

The state is well represented in this year's college bowl season with the Hawkeyes and Wildcats as well.

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