Live Dealer Online Casinos See Explosive Growth for 2024

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Live dealer online casinos are especially popular with Polish players as the nation is sorely lacking when it comes to the real life casino experience at this moment.  Case in point, the Casino at the Warsaw Marriott Hotel, operated by Century Casino, has since shuttered (temporarily at least) due to delayed licensing.  This is true of a number of casinos in the Eastern European nation.

This news comes after the casino announced a 4,000 square feet gaming floor expansion back in 2019 featuring 15 gaming tables and 20 slot machines, two VIP rooms as well as a bar and lounge area.

Operating revenues for the Colorado-based casino firm dipped by 13 percent in Poland as a result.

That downward trend in Poland should resolve itself by the spring. Executives for Century Casino noted that the regulators have awarded the casino company with all three licenses. One of the casinos reopened in February, two others should be up and running by Q3. 

And who benefits during this time of uncertainty and flux? 

The online casinos of course as the only real option is to play the live casino at GGBET Poland and others.

Gambling sites as well as physical casinos are a regulated market in Poland and frequently reviewed by the Ministry of Finance.  Restrictions are based on a law passed in 2009.

The Gambling Games Act of November 2009 primarily focuses on aspects of games, defining which are legal.  “Games of Chance,” “Betting,” “Card Games,” and “Slot Machines,” all of which fall under Poland's monopoly.  It should be noted that the country failed to notify the European Union prior to passage of this law.

Why Are Live Dealer Casinos So Popular?

The live dealer online casino is the real thing but on your phone or laptop from home, the office or anywhere else you happen to be.
There are pros and cons of course.

The pros include advances in technology that provide for an experience like none other.  The dealers are real and the entire experience is immersive. 

The downside: You’ll need modern wifi connections.

Most in Poland, outside of some rural areas, should have little problem accessing and enjoying the live dealer online casino experience.

As of last year, 93.3% of households in Poland had internet access. 99.5% of that connectivity was fixed broadband with median download speeds of 152.13 Mbps and upload speeds of 45.24 Mbps.  Mobile broadband internet was present in 73.7% of households.

Using Cryptocurrencies to Gamble Online in Poland

Gambling laws have trickled down to the traditional banking sector.  As such, bitcoin and similar digital currencies are becoming a tried and true method of playing online casino games in Poland.

It is currently legal for consumers to buy, trade, hold and sell cryptocurrencies in this Eastern European nation.

You will want to link your bank account or credit cards to one of two licensed exchanges. The Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) granted two licenses to Coinquista and Bitclude, which are now authorized to “process payment transactions, transfer funds, and execute direct debits. Under their licenses, the crypto companies will also be allowed to use payment cards and issue payment instruments.”

Like with anything involving cryptocurrencies, advises against keeping large sums of digital currencies on an exchange and we highly recommend using a wallet.  The digital wallet is the only thing offering anonymity.  Exchange addresses are NOT anonymous, contrary to what folks may believe.  Case in point, transferring Bitcoin directly between an exchange and online casino can be tracked and deemed in violation.

The Future of Gambling in Poland

Poland has a population of nearly 38 million people and ranks 26th in the world in terms of gambling revenue.  Those numbers will likely go down temporarily with the disruptions at the retail level.  At its peak, the industry employed some 15,000 people.  The economic impact cannot be denied from an employment perspective.

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