Mouth to Doug Polk: 'When I Beat Your Ass They’ll Be Calling to Learn!'

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Nagesh Rath
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Mike "The Mouth" Matusow appeared to be at his wit's ends with fellow pro Doug Polk Monday morning.


Here is where it all began. 

Matusow posted a poll asking "Should I open a teaching site on Omaha 8 tourneys and Stud 8 tourneys or even teach mix games?"

The response was great.  1839 rsponded with the choices being:

Yes def split tourneys, No dont give away secrets, Do all mix cash & tourney and You suck, don't do any.

Guess which got the most votes.  You suck, don't do any came in with 62.1%.

Polk retweeted with his own comment.

"Hello officer, id like to report a crime."

Mouth responded: "We can play o8 stud 8 hu as high as you want if you think you’re so good?"

Polk asked of Mike: "How about 1k/2k. Would love to host you for this game at the lodge!"

Mike responded: "Sure but don’t want to stream it so you can break down how I play but I’ll play certain amount of hands off stream or stream no hole cards just flops."

Then it started to get a little bit heated.

"You wanted to teach people how to play for money, and now you don't want to stream it? I'm sure you will get some instant customers and credit if you play well.

"Do it for the fans. We aren't going to play more than a couple sessions anyway."

You mean the fans who voted 60% that Mike sucks?

Mike finally let Polk have it.

"When I beat your ass they’ll be calling to learn! This is real money to me I could give two fucks about clicks and views! I don’t have your money but the 1 m I beat you out of will go along way towards having it! I don’t play poker to see who’s dick bigger I play where I feel I have an edge. They told @berkey11 the same when he torched Airball off stream with help from you!"

- Nagesh Rath,

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