Why Knowledge is Power: Navigating the World of Regulated Online Gambling

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Every top casino search will feature an online casino's bonus offerings, payment methods and at least a blurb as to what differentiates their product from the rest of what's out there.  We know Slotland, Mansion and Mr. Green are reputable per their longevity in the realm of online gambling. But what about those sites that do not appear on such listings?

Online Casino Complaints

The fact is, the longer a casino has been around, the more likely you'll be able to find a handful of complaints about said casino.  Even a site like Mansion there are bound to be dissatisfied customers.  There is no avoiding this fact.

But when one stumbles upon multiple complaints about a particular online casino, that becomes a problem.

There are many websites that feature forums where players share their bad experiences.  These include long established Casino Meister (older than Gambling911) and, on the poker side, TwoPlusTwo.

Additionally, conduct searches via Google and other search engines.  And remember to be careful.  Some companies, usually those that are a little on the rogue side, employ services that ensure only positive supposed "real customer" experiences appear at the top of review pages.  Scroll down or filter and you'll almost always find the real truth, one single star review listed after the other.

A Word About Regulated Online Casinos

Yes there are a few benefits to playing with a regulated casino or online sportsbook, the top being the ability to reach out to a commission or other licensing body.  This doesn't always mean they are safe.  Gambling911.com warned that 5Dimes was going to shut down.  That site claimed otherwise.  We notified their regulatory body.  They did nothing.  5Dimes closed weeks later.  The regulatory body simply removed their company from its list of licensees and players were screwed out of any futures bets.

Online Casino Pluses

Once you land on a review page, the benefits are clear and easy to compare.  Promos will be pushed the most.  Here are just some of the great promotional offers we stumbled upon.

  • Matching deposit bonuses
  • 100 to 200+ free spins
  • Bitcoin only deposits (see below)
  • Free bets

Be careful.  You don't just deposit money, get free money, then request it all back.  Each casino and sportsbook implements its own rollover/play requirement.  10X is one of the best rollovers.  This means your initial $20 will need to be played through ten times before you can request the free bonus money.  If 10X is a turnoff, casino gambling might not be your thing.  Some play through requirements do not permit withdrawal during this period and this may be a legitimate turnoff to some.  Why can't you request a withdrawal on winnings while still working on your play requirement. It is important to read the Q&A section of the web casino site.  Avoid any online casino that does not feature a Q&A page or Terms and Agreement section.

You'll Need to Fund Your Online Gambling Account

Some online casino payment methods are better than others.  By better, we mean faster.

Yes, Bitcoin is among the best but it’s akin to learning how to ride a bicycle.  There is a learning curve at first but funding with Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies will become second nature by the 4th or 5th time.  Just ALWAYS check that your Bitcoin stamp matches at the start and end of the string and you should not have any problem.   Gambling sites often have no problem sending five figure amounts through Bitcoin wallets.  This payout, often received in a matter of hours seven days a week, can then be converted to your favorite currency via the Bitcoin exchange.  

Remember too that there are fees involved with all payout methods employed.  Wires and ePayments may be quick but costly.  Each site lists varying fees for the same payment method and not all are competitive.  Many online gambling sites offer “Bitcoin Only” bonuses with more lucrative incentives.  One loosely guarded secret that the online casinos won’t advertise: They hate credit card transactions.  Gamblers are notorious for charging back.   Hence the rationale for pushing Bitcoin deposits.

A Special Gambling911.com Tidbit

For us, we love websites that are regularly updated.  By that we mean, fresh bonus offers and upcoming events featured on the home page.  That home page that never changes often cries "nobody home", no matter how splashy. 

Oh, and look for that 24-7 chat feature.

B.E. Delmer, Gambling911.com

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