Odds on Deadpool 3 Biggest Box Office Opening Weekend 2024

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Jordan Bach
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BetOnline was widely expected to offer box office opening weekend odds for Deadpool 3.  For now, one can bet on it being the biggest blockbuster of 2024


The popular online gambling site released odds on which film will be the biggest blockbuster this year.

2024 Blockbusters: Biggest Opening Weekend             

Deadpool 3                   3/2

Joker 2                         4/1

Despicable Me 4           6/1

Mufasa                         8/1

Kung Fu Panda 4           9/1

Dune: Part 2                 10/1

Inside Out 2                  14/1

Sonic 3                         18/1

Madame Web               20/1

Mission Impossible        22/1

We won't find out the results until July 26 the earliest as that's when the film is due to be released.  It's entirely possible another film on the above list (or perhaps one not found here) will have already surpassed Deadpool 3's opening weekend box office receipts.

The upcoming film is based on the Marvel Comics character Deadpool, produced by Marvel Studios.  The film stars Ryan Reynolds, Jennifer Garner and Hugh Jackman.

Per Wikipedia:

"Deadpool is initially depicted as a supervillain of the New Mutants and X-Force, though later stories would portray him as an antihero. Deadpool is the alter ego of Wade Wilson, a disfigured Canadian mercenary with superhuman regenerative healing abilities. He is known for his tendency to joke incessantly and break the fourth wall for humorous effect."

Deadpool was confirmed as being pansexual by Deadpool writer Gerry Duggan via Twitter.

Like with the Barbie film of 2023, the Deadpool concept has been years in the making, in this case developed at 20th Century Fox in 2016.  The studio was acquired by Disney in March 2019, which resulted in delays in production.

Madame Web will be among the first releases on the BetOnline list.  That film comes in at 20-1 odds and is due in theatres February 14, Valentine's Day.

- Jordan Bach, Gambling911.com

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